About Arlene Alegre-Wood

Arlene didn't start in property, she worked for the likes of Marks and Spencer, Harrods and her own consulting business in Food Technology. In 2009 she took over the chair of Ezytrac Property Group and has overseen its growth since then. Arlene conceived the famous 'Effortless Property' mantra and has been a big proponent of the constant push towards its achievement. Arlene is married to Brett, a fellow property expert and they have 4 kids.

The buy-to-let landlord’s guide to maximising rental income profit: Part 1

Rental income and the pitfalls of buy to let landlords basing profit strategies on it Buy-to-let landlords want to maximise rental income profits and capital growth from their property investment. A common mistake of inexperienced landlords is to think the way to do this is to increase the rent to as high a level as [...]

The buy-to-let landlord’s guide to hiring a property manager

What questions Landlords must ask and the answers to expect Buy-to-let landlords tend to fall into one of two types. Those who've tried the DIY landlord route and discovered it’s not for them (usually having had a terrible landlord experience). And those landlords who have had to sack an underperforming property manager. The overriding aim of both [...]

Why DIY buy-to-let landlords never find a good maintenance man they want

How Ezytrac gets the best tradespeople to work for buy-to-let landlords The truth is that the DIY buy-to-let landlord rarely finds a great contractor and we know the reasons why. In this post I explore why you’ll never find a great contractor, and what we do to make sure that the tradespeople we use are the [...]

Avoid buy-to-let landlord fines by knowing Right to Rent rules

What buy to let landlords need to check and how If you’re a buy-to-let landlord who doesn’t know the Right to Rent rules, then you’re not alone. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) survey in February 2016 found that 90% of buy-to-let landlords had received no information about the Right to Rent and Immigration Checks, which have to be carried [...]

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5 risks buy-to-let landlord s face when full tenant referencing is poorly done

All good tenants start with full tenant referencing Recently, I outlined the facts on your tenant referencing and vetting process. In that buy-to-let landlord blog, I discussed three tenancy referencing procedures you have to undertake as a landlord. I also gave five tips to help you avoid bad tenants. Here, I look at the risks a buy-to-let landlord [...]

Why successful buy-to-let landlords never let to tenants on benefits

Seven reasons buy-to-let landlords turn back on benefit tenancies In my last article, I introduced you to a buy-to-let landlord who had lost a small fortune by taking on a tenant on housing benefits. Cheryl thought she had struck gold by securing what looked like a respectable tenant. She thought the housing benefit he received [...]

The buy-to-let landlord nightmare – tenancies that never pay

Why benefit tenants are the buy-to-lets one-armed bandit If you want to evict your tenant as a buy-to-let landlord, be prepared for a total bill of almost £7,000 if your tenant goes to the local authority for advice. That’s the conclusion of a new study by the National Landlords Association, which collated more than 1,700 [...]

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The ultimate buy-to-let guide to landlords insurance

Some buy-to-let landlords – especially beginner investors – believe that landlords insurance is a waste of money. They explain to their new tenant that it is the tenant’s responsibility to insure against loss or damage to their personal property, and leave it at that. But there’s a lot more at stake than the tenant’s property. [...]

A buy-to-let landlord’s guide to Legionnaires’ disease

Don’t fall foul of the law and put your tenants at risk Making sure that your electrical appliances have been PAT tested and that the property has a landlord gas safety certificate are regulations that you’ve probably heard of and accepted as being part of your landlord duties. However, when you started out as a [...]

The ultimate buy-to-let guide to tenancy deposit schemes

How to avoid landlord disputes around deposit money With a little luck and a good tenancy vetting process, you should benefit from a long-term tenant who respects your buy-to-let investment as if it were their home (which, of course, it is for the period of their tenancy). One of your responsibilities as a landlord is [...]