About Michael Scrase-Hollamby

Michael has over 26 years of property industry experience having worked my way “up from the bottom of the ladder” and gained first hand experience in administration, negotiation, valuing, marketing, management, business ownership, sales, Lettings, property management, property auction, single office management, multi-office area management and most recently managing an investment property management company offering national coverage from a unique management hub based in my home City of Lincoln. Outside of work he spends his time with his wife and 3 young children and enjoys music having been a drummer in bands since a young age and enjoyed success in recording and session work as well as gigging and touring across Europe in the day!

Office Charity Day for The Lincoln Foodbank

We've had an office Charity Day at the Ezytrac last Friday where we supported the Lincoln Foodbank by collecting food and toiletries to help those in need in Lincoln and to support the great work the team did at the food bank centre. Had fun dressing up in bold and bright colours too.

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Prevent damp in your buy-to-let and avoid being sued by your tenant

Tips to help buy-to-let landlords avoid prison Damp is one of the most common issues found in buy-to-let properties. A damp home can cause mould growth and health issues. Under the new Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, which came into effect on March 20th, 2019, it is more likely that a damp property [...]

Are you an average buy-to-let landlord?

To be better than average, you must know what average is Are you the average buy-to-let landlord in the UK? You may not be able to learn if you are by looking in the mirror, but the latest Private Landlord Survey, the first that the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has published since [...]

Should buy-to-let landlords register their appliances?

Register My Appliance – Free and easy peace of mind for you and your tenants With the buzz around the new electrical safety law recently announced by the government, I thought I’d look at the ‘Register My Appliance’ scheme. A simple and free scheme, Register My Appliance could help to keep your tenants safer while [...]

New electric safety checks should not be a shock to buy-to-let landlords

All you need to know about the new electrical safety laws We’ve been expecting electrical safety checks in the private rented sector to become mandatory since the recommendation to introduce them was published for consultation in February of 2018. Finally, on 29th January 2019, the Housing, Communities and Local Government Minister Heather Wheeler announced that [...]

Should you sell or let a property that you have inherited?

5 considerations to make when you are bequeathed a property When a relative passes away, it is usually a distressing time, both emotionally and financially. The pressure of organising the funeral and the deceased’s estate according to the will is real. Combined with the sense of loss felt, the result is a maelstrom of emotional [...]

Time is money, which is why investors hire property managers

How to calculate the value of hiring an investment property manager In one of his recent one-a-day videos, our General Manager Mike Scase Hollamby discussed how time is money when it comes to void periods. Every day your property is empty, it is costing you money. As a quick recap, in the video Mike talks [...]

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Buy-to-let landlords must be ready for 20th March 2019

Don’t get caught out by the introduction of the new fit for habitation laws Are you prepared for March 20th? If you’re a buy-to-let landlord and expect to either welcome new tenants to your property or renew a tenancy on or after this date, you need to be. If you aren’t, you could be forced [...]

Why buy-to-let landlords don’t want one-in-a-million properties

A million buy-to-let homes across the UK could be unfit to live in A property that is one in a million should make a buy-to-let landlord a hefty profit; but not if it is the one in a million identified by Shelter as being unfit for human habitation. If it is one of these, then [...]

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When is a home not a home?

Buy-to-let landlords must beware of the new fit for habitation law The answer is when it is not fit for human habitation. The question that buy-to-let landlords must answer, then, is how is a property rated as not fit for human habitation? If you can’t answer this, you could be breaking the new law that [...]

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