About Robert Smith

Rob started working at Ezytrac in 2015 as a maintenance coordinator. From there he progressed to become Director of Property Maintenance. He loves working in this fast-paced industry and the challenges that come on a regular basis. When Rob is not at work, he enjoys writing (currently trying to write a sitcom) and going on small city breaks which usually means drinking in the sun! Although the recent addition to his family has put a stop to much of this. Rob is lucky enough to be on the property ladder so he gets involved in a lot of DIY. He's mastered the art of furniture assembly so if you ever need help, give me a shout!

Winter is coming: Tips for the winter period

I hate to state the obvious and I also hate to be the bearer of bad news but the brilliant summer we experienced this year is well and truly over. To quote HBO’s Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming! This is the time of year we see tenants starting to turn the heating on as [...]

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Gas Safety Week 2018

This week sees the eighth annual Gas Safety Week take place. The aim is simple; to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances which can cause a magnitude of issues including gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning to name a few. Here at Ezytrac Property Management, we want both our [...]

Read ARLA ‘bout It

Here at Ezytrac, we want to offer our clients and tenants the best possible customer service we can. This is why we’re striving towards every member of staff obtaining their ARLA qualification. You’ll know which members of staff have successfully completed this qualification as you’ll notice they have (MARLA) after their name. This stands for [...]

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How to pull a tenant into line when they pay rent late

Good investment property management tactics keep rental income flowing Investment property management should help you get a great tenant, maintain them and your property, and make sure the tenant pays the rent on time. Unfortunately, there’s always the possibility that your tenant will be late paying the rent or fall behind in rental payments. A [...]

How to protect buy-to-let against profit-crushing void periods

Build a strategy to retain tenants and avoid loss-making void periods One of the major reasons you need a reserve fund for rental properties is to cover the bills when you have a void period. When your investment property is empty, you’ll still have to pay the utility bills. The local authority won’t reduce its [...]

5 facts you need to know about a reserve fund for rental properties

How do you know how big your reserve fund for rental properties needs to be? The most successful buy-to-let property investors are prepared for all possibilities. They invest in and operate their property portfolio to a set formula. It can be summarised as: Buy in the best places to invest in property UK Find the [...]

How to find tenants when you’re a buy-to-let landlord

Is it really possible to do it yourself and save money? As a new buy-to-let landlord, it’s tempting to look at the costs of working with an experienced and well-qualified property management company and decide to do everything yourself. After all, how hard can it be to find a tenant when demand for rented homes [...]

Landlord Stories: Tenant from hell.

An applicant applied for the property and passed the referencing process without any problems, including the credit check, employer reference, affordability checks etc. The landlord declined Rent & Legal Insurance. At the third month’s rent due date, no payment was received and there was no response from the tenant. Ezytrac commenced the arrears procedure and, [...]

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