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Property Gurus claim that Property is quick, easy and simple to make a million

Video Transcription: Property is quick, easy and simple to make a million. Absolutely 100% this is the thought of almost every property guru that sells education courses and sells how-to and all this sort of [...]

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Does my stuff work with DIY and Done for you

Video Transcription: Hey guys, so does my stuff work with landlords who want it done for you and also the do it yourself landlords and the answer is 100%. See, these principles that I talk [...]

How this Barrister & Law Lecturer became a Retired Property Investor!

Video Transcription: Brett: Welcome to Property Rant. So today I've got the privilege of being here with Jim Kirby. So Jim's been one of our clients since about 2005- Jim: Five or six. Brett: Five [...]

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How to Maximise Your Buy-To-Let Profits in 2020

7 Tactics All Landlords Must Employ for Success Maximising your buy-to-let profits has been the main theme of our articles over the last few weeks. If you have been keeping a tag on our tips, [...]

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