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Our team regularly write educational articles about everything property management and lettings.

GDPR and buy-to-let landlords – are you ready for May 25th 2018?

What you must know about collecting, storing, and using tenant data If you’re a landlord (or letting agent), it’s probable that you obtain a good deal of information about your tenants. You probably then store [...]

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Four things all buy-to-let landlords need to know about tenants

How to get the best tenants for the longest tenancy periods When you’re building a property portfolio and seeking to maximise the profit from your rental income, how much easier would it be if you [...]

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What do tenants expect to be included in their rent?

Should buy-to-let landlords offer a fully inclusive rental price? As a buy-to-let landlord, have you ever stopped to consider what your tenants expect from you? Sure, they pay rent, but what is it that they [...]

Know your target tenant to maximise buy-to-let profits

Knowledge to help you position your property properly The most successful buy-to-let landlords don’t have long tenancies by luck. They suffer fewer void periods and get great tenants because they know who they will rent [...]

9 New Year’s resolutions for buy-to-let landlords in 2018

Resolve to make 2018 the year when you achieve your lifestyle goals Whether you’re a seasoned buy-to-let landlord, a beginner buy-to-let investor, or an accidental landlord, how you manage your property could be the difference [...]

Should you let your property out to students?

7 reasons why 7 out of 10 landlords may be wrong to refuse students, and 1 why they’re right. A recent survey conducted by SPCE, the student letting app, found that most landlords won’t let [...]