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Smart Money and Property Deals! How You Can Get Your Piece Of The Pie

Regardless of where you are on the wealth scale, getting deals alongside the Smart Money is a great way to lock in returns but it takes this one thing to guarantee success! For more UK [...]

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Are there Property Deals About Right Now?

The smart money is at the starters line, will you be with them to secure the first round of deals in this recession? Or will you wait and come into when the institutional investors jump [...]

What recession happened 300 years ago?

The Bank of England made reference to us being in the worst recession in 300 years. What's this recession and how bad was it 300 years ago? Is it even relevant anymore? For more investor [...]

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What a 300 Year Recession REALLY Means?

Don't believe the shocking headline... It's a trap that will get your mind racing with fear and fright... Focus on the detail and what that means to you personally. It may not be all that [...]

Ezytrac Landlord Update 03Jun20

Landlord update on where the market is. Is a recession on the way as the effect of the pandemic. Here are my thoughts as I keep you up to date on what is happening in [...]