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Rents continue to rise as more tenants are happy to rent for life

What does the new lifestyle trend and rising rents really mean for buy-to-let landlords? Great news for buy-to-let landlords has emerged in the last couple of weeks. First, rental prices in the private rented sector [...]

Could you get a stamp duty refund on your buy-to-let property?

The tax tribunal ruling that could save buy-to-let investors thousands A recent tax tribunal ruling could spell good news for buy-to-let landlords, and bad news for HMRC. If you have paid out the extra 3% [...]

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What does a buy-to-let landlord do when a repair goes drastically wrong?

No heating? No hot water? No bother. What do you do if your tenant reports an issue that clearly makes your property unfit for human habitation? Let’s say, for example, that the occupants include young [...]

Prevent damp in your buy-to-let and avoid being sued by your tenant

Tips to help buy-to-let landlords avoid prison Damp is one of the most common issues found in buy-to-let properties. A damp home can cause mould growth and health issues. Under the new Homes (Fitness for [...]

A ban on ‘no DSS’ rental property adverts: is the government mad?

It's noble to tackle homelessness, but not by making landlords the scapegoats Hot on the heels of the debacle in the High Court, where its Right to Rent scheme was judged to force buy-to-let landlords [...]

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Could the Right to Rent scheme get scrapped?

The High Court rules on the farce of Right to Rent rules Hard to manage, difficult to police, and unfair on landlords and agents. Basically, this was our analysis of the Right to Rent scheme [...]

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