How to review reviews and buy the best every time

How can you trust investment property management reviews? Investment property management reviews are like spouses it seems – can’t live with them, can’t live without them (apologies my darling if you've read this). Working in the property management service industry, I’ve learned which reviews to believe and which ones to question. Here, you’ll learn how [...]

5 facts you need to know about a reserve fund for rental properties

How do you know how big your reserve fund for rental properties needs to be? The most successful buy-to-let property investors are prepared for all possibilities. They invest in and operate their property portfolio to a set formula. It can be summarised as: Buy in the best places to invest in property UK Find the [...]

Investment Property Maintenance – How to make hassle-free tenant changeovers

Investment Property Maintenance – The 10-step tenant changeover process Having followed advice on how to be a great landlord and avoid tenants from hell, when a tenant does leave you’ll have received plenty of notice to quit. That will give you the opportunity to find the best tenants to replace those that are leaving. When [...]

Stories: The Wobbly Furniture decision

Arvil is only in her fourth week with the company but she wanted to share this story because she believes that many Landlords with furnished properties could learn from the following; The tenant called from one of our London properties to report that the table and four chairs were very wobbly. She has tightened the [...]

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Do you read your rental agent's agreement fine print?

Hey Guys, I was speaking with Karen over the past few weeks about Lettings stories for the book we are writing and one of the things I realised was that many clients simply don't read the documents they sign, let alone the fine print that is attached. Here's some examples: - UNSUCCESS FEE - In [...]

Now more than ever you need to have your property Fully Managed…

Hey guys, I just wanted to update you on my thoughts about whether to settle for the 'Let only' service or paying the extra to have your property 'Fully Managed'. My answer is now clearly to get the property 'Fully Managed'. Let me explain... Let only is simply not worth the risk anymore, unless you [...]

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