Read ARLA ‘bout It

Here at Ezytrac, we want to offer our clients and tenants the best possible customer service we can. This is why we’re striving towards every member of staff obtaining their ARLA qualification. You’ll know which members of staff have successfully completed this qualification as you’ll notice they have (MARLA) after their name. This stands for [...]

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7 benefits of investment property management for buy-to-let investors

Why the most successful landlords don’t do day-to-day property management As a property investor, you are probably looking forward to increasing your monthly income and building long-term wealth. The downside is the day-to-day management of your property. Being a DIY landlord doesn’t allow you to simply sit back and collect the rent while the value [...]

A happy clients site visit to their 7 properties

Mr and Mrs Tan recently visited us from Kuala Lumpur. Our Lettings Coordinator Joe and Philippa toured them around London to have a look at the seven properties they bought. They also took this opportunity to meet their tenants. The couple was pleased with their investments and also encouraged our staff to invest in property [...]

The Goodlord June awardee Philippa Burgess

Well done to Philippa who finished the month as the top lettings negotiator in our first full month of using the  Goodlord Lettings platform.  Each month, each completed deal is recorded and the negotiator who has the most completed deals wins an Amazon voucher.  We will also be making an end of the year award [...]

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5 Red-flag questions tenants ask investment property managers

What do tenants’ questions tell you? As investment property managers, you can imagine we get asked the same questions by tenant applicants time and again. All give a clue as to the type of person the tenant is. Some are red flags, proof that if we take the questioning tenant on, we’ll need asbestos gloves [...]

What are a landlord’s rights if a tenant leaves belongings behind?

What to do if your tenant doesn’t take all their property when they leave Landlords’ rights are never as clear-cut as you might assume. For example, a landlords rights don’t allow you to enter your buy-to-let property whenever you want. The common problem is that a tenant leaves property behind when they vacate a buy-to-let [...]

Is this the most important question to ask your investment property manager?

If your investment property manager doesn’t do this, change them now! There’s a misconception – an investment property management myth if you like – that tenant and landlord money are protected by law. It isn’t. We have client money protection, which protects client money. It’s part of our business model and good working practice. But it’s surprising [...]

Are you prepared for the energy efficiency clampdown on buy-to-let landlords?

Avoid a ban on letting and a massive fine Energy efficiency is on a collision course with buy-to-let landlords in England and Wales. If you aren’t prepared when the new energy efficiency laws come into force, you could face hefty fines and find yourself banned from leasing your property. In this article, we offer advice [...]

How do you know it’s time to change investment property managers?

Five common reasons why property managers need to be fired We take on a lot of clients whose current investment property managers are failing them. Over time, we’ve discovered the most common reasons why property investors choose to leave their current property manager and partner with Ezytrac. Sometimes these investors have suffered for months before [...]

How to find the best tradespeople for investment property maintenance

Seven steps to effective and efficient property repairs every time As national investment property managers, buy-to-let investors often ask how we obtain the services of highly skilled and competitive local tradespeople. Even DIY landlords who own properties in their local area are often disappointed by substandard work. They hire tradespeople who they think are trustworthy [...]

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