Nine out of 10 buy-to-let landlords are profitable in the UK

Cautious optimism in the private rented sector as rents rise Amid all the gloom surrounding the buy-to-let sector – with less favourable tax treatment, new rules and regulations, and, of course, Brexit tainting all the property news headlines – you would be forgiven for thinking that buy-to-let investment is a dead duck. Well, all those [...]

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One Point of Contact with Ezytrac’s Brett and Mike

Brett Alegre-Wood & Michael Scrase-Hollamby discuss Ezytrac's One point of Contact for their Landlords. This is the simplest of services that means you have one person who looks after all your portfolio and one point of contact whenever you have issues, questions or concerns. Phone: +441522503717

Should buy-to-let landlords register their appliances?

Register My Appliance – Free and easy peace of mind for you and your tenants With the buzz around the new electrical safety law recently announced by the government, I thought I’d look at the ‘Register My Appliance’ scheme. A simple and free scheme, Register My Appliance could help to keep your tenants safer while [...]

6 Types of insurance buy-to-let landlords must consider

What insurance do you need to protect your income and profits? Landlord insurance is a key strategy to help minimise risks and maximise profits as a buy-to-let landlord. However, like other insurances, landlord insurance is not ‘one size fits all’. To ensure that you select the correct insurance cover for your needs, you should understand [...]

Landlord insurance – your FAQs answered

What you need to know before protecting your buy-to-let property You insure your life, your car, your home, your health, and even your earnings. Insurance is the way that you protect yourself from risks – the risk of leaving your loved ones with bills they cannot pay, the risk of being involved in a road [...]

New electric safety checks should not be a shock to buy-to-let landlords

All you need to know about the new electrical safety laws We’ve been expecting electrical safety checks in the private rented sector to become mandatory since the recommendation to introduce them was published for consultation in February of 2018. Finally, on 29th January 2019, the Housing, Communities and Local Government Minister Heather Wheeler announced that [...]

How can buy-to-let landlords avoid this type of nightmare tenant?

Tips to help you stay profitable in property A Lincolnshire landlord has been hit with thousands of pounds worth of damage to his property, by a tenant who abandoned the property before Christmas. The tenant did a runner owing £3,000 in rent, too. If you add together the unpaid rent, the cost of repair work [...]