Are there Property Deals About Right Now?

The smart money is at the starters line, will you be with them to secure the first round of deals in this recession? Or will you wait and come into when the institutional investors jump or perhaps wait until the herd finally meanders over. My money's on the smart money and here's why! For more [...]

What recession happened 300 years ago?

The Bank of England made reference to us being in the worst recession in 300 years. What's this recession and how bad was it 300 years ago? Is it even relevant anymore? For more investor and landlord updates check out   Video Transcription: Hey guys, what does 300 worst of recession 300 years mean [...]

What a 300 Year Recession REALLY Means?

Don't believe the shocking headline... It's a trap that will get your mind racing with fear and fright... Focus on the detail and what that means to you personally. It may not be all that bad despite what will definitely be a bad recession with terrible numbers and potentially a long sting in the tail [...]

Ezytrac Landlord Update 03Jun20

Landlord update on where the market is. Is a recession on the way as the effect of the pandemic. Here are my thoughts as I keep you up to date on what is happening in the next few weeks and what we can look forward too in the future. For all Brett's Coronavirus resources [...]

Why the UK Property Market is Functioning DAMN Well

Lots of negativity and when you look at the numbers it looks like it is going to be terrible. But don't believe that's the case. Here are my thoughts. For more investor and landlord updates check out Video Transcription: Hi guys and welcome to another Landlord update. It's a pretty interesting time because we've [...]

How the Market Backfired On These Tenants

Tenants who want to take advantage of this situation must be cautious because the market can backfire. Call the team on +44 (0)207 923 6100 or For more UK property investment tips and London property investment guide, visit Brett's Blog For more investor and landlord updates check out If you are sick [...]

More good news as the UK Property Market Races Off

The property market has opened back up so that's great news. If you've got a property that's vacant, don't worry too much you know the agents are out there they're gonna find tenants for you. For more investor and landlord updates check out Video Transcription: Hey so just wanted to quickly give you some [...]

Your First 3 Steps on the Road to Financial Success – Personal Finance Rant with Brett & Immanuel

Let's look at the first 3 steps that you need to start on your journey. Join Brett & Immanuel discuss the latest in Personal Finance tips, tricks and disciplines to supercharge your finances despite the crisis. Check out Brett's my CoronaVirus Livestream - Immanuel is a property developer and personal finance specialist who authored [...]

The UK Property Market Opens For Business Again

Good news for everyone with the property market open for business. Agents can get on with moving people, landlords should experience less void periods and tenants will be able to freely find a property to call home. For landlords we are advising them to get their virtual walkthroughs done is possible in case of a [...]

Why Everything is OK – Landlord Update

The government has done the right thing and done what it needed to do, what it should do and what the government is there to do for the Landlords. So I can actually say everything is okay, really Everything is OKAY! For more investor and landlord updates check out Video Transcription: Hey guys so [...]