What Should You Do If Your Buy-to-Let Property Is in Negative Equity?

The Answer Could be in Your Cash Flow Negative equity – when the value of your property is less than the mortgage you owe on it – can affect property investors as well as homeowners. For the homeowner, negative equity could halt moving home. For the property investor, it could spell financial disaster. In this [...]

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Should You Offer Incentives for Good Tenants?

Innovative Ideas to Secure Tenancies for Your Buy-To-Let Property If you are finding it difficult to get new tenants or want an innovative way to retain your existing tenants, you might consider offering incentives for good tenants. There are many types of incentives that you can offer. These include: Upgrades on appliances Flexible lease terms [...]

Is Raising the Rent of a Good Tenant a Bad Idea?

Tips to Think Logically and Make the Right Rent Review Decision A decision that causes many buy-to-let landlords to have sleepless nights is whether they should raise the rent of a good tenant. After all, good tenants can be hard to find. Exceptional tenants are like gold dust. When you are blessed with a tenant [...]

What Are a Tenant’s Maintenance Responsibilities?

What Should a Buy-To-Let Landlord Expect of Their Tenants? As a buy-to-let landlord, you have many responsibilities. For example, you are required to maintain the property in a fit and habitable condition for your tenants. You must provide water, heating and energy, and necessary repairs must be completed in a timely fashion. However, there are [...]

7 Ways to Avoid Tenant Damage to Your Rental Property

Less Tenant Damage Means Lower Costs and Higher Buy-To-Let Profits Tenant damage is any damage that you would consider over and above normal wear and tear. It includes any damage caused by a tenant’s children, guests or pets. When this occurs, a landlord’s rights include keeping an amount to cover the damage from the tenancy [...]

16 New Year’s Resolutions for Landlords in 2020

Make Your Landlord Life Easier Being a buy-to-let landlord can be hard work. It’s easy to let things slip. But if you do, you are threatening your own business. Far better is to make a plan that will help keep you on top of your taxes, regulations, and tenants, and ensure you stay within the [...]

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What If the Tenancy Deposit Doesn’t Cover Damage Caused?

Steps to Take If a Nightmare Tenant Leaves Owing You Money A tenancy deposit is an amount of money held to cover unpaid rent, property damage, cleaning or unpaid bills when the tenant leaves your property. By law, it must be held in a tenancy deposit scheme. There are rules that dictate how you can [...]

Why UK Politicians are in the dark on the Future Of Renting in the UK

Video Transcription: Hi guys. So why I think the housing industry and market have changed dramatically, but politicians are still being dinosaurs back in the dark ages. They haven't really accommodated for this. And what do I mean by this is, if we think about it, everything is moving towards a shared economy, okay? You've [...]

How to Expel Smoke Smell from Your Rental Property

Make Your Walls, Carpets and Furniture Odour Free Smoke smell in a rental property might be caused by a small house fire, the smoke from an open fire, or – most commonly – by cigarette smoking. Even vaping can leave a nasty odour behind. Your landlord rights allow you to ban smoking or vaping in [...]

Do Landlord Rights Let You Ban Vaping in Your Buy-to-Let Property?

If You Can Ban Tenants from Vaping, Should You? There has been a lot of noise in the press about the potential health hazards associated with vaping. Many deaths in the United States have been attributed to vaping. Health experts, there are recommending that more research be done into vaping, and known vaping lung injuries [...]