It’s time for landlords to prepare for the new Tenant Fees Bill

How can buy-to-let landlords protect their profits with this new law? The Tenant Fees Bill is making its way quietly through Parliament. However, we believe that buy-to-let landlords (and letting agents) should be listening very closely. When implemented, the new law will give tenants more protection and, critically, cap or ban some fees that tenants [...]

How does the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement affect buy-to-let landlords?

Does right to residency mean right to rent? As I write this, the arguments and debates about the Withdrawal Agreement are rumbling on. These could derail the agreement in Parliament. Luckily for buy-to-let landlords, whether the Withdrawal Agreement is passed or not makes no difference to how the buy-to-let sector operates. Or does it? The [...]

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More tips for buy-to-let landlords ahead of harsh winter weather

Six ways to keep tenants safe and warm and save your money in the long-term According to WXCHARTS, the UK is going to be shocked by bitterly cold conditions and an avalanche of snow that will sweep down from the north. The country could be plunged into arctic conditions within days, and then continue for [...]

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Is the PRS evolving away from buy-to-let landlords?

Tips for buy-to-let landlords to benefit from new property market dynamics I don’t think that the government’s meddling in the private rented sector over the last couple of years has had quite the effect the government was hoping for. I’m sure they wanted to look like the good guys to tenants and be paid for [...]

Electrical safety for buy-to-let landlords

Electrical safety is not mandatory, but unsafe electrics are a criminal offence We often get asked about a landlord’s obligations for electrical safety in their buy-to-let properties. Unlike gas safety regulations, the law doesn’t make it mandatory to have electrical appliances checked each year. However, it does make failing to make sure electrical equipment and [...]

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Why landlords and letting agents must conduct anti-money laundering (AML) checks

Banks are dictating AML responsibilities on letting agents and landlords The way that letting agents do business with their landlord clients is constantly evolving. Change is often made because of new systems and technology – meaning that landlords benefit from streamlined services and cost savings. Another change is dictated by new and updated laws – [...]

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177,000 reasons buy-to-let landlords cannot ignore fire safety regulations

Smoke alarms and furniture – what landlords need to know On 24th August this year, landlord Philip Brotherton was fined £177,000 for breaching the fire safety regulations and putting his tenants’ lives at risk. The landlord’s property, an HMO in Reading, was inspected by the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service and found to fail [...]

Health and safety and buy-to-let properties

How housing health and safety ratings apply to buy-to-let investors Health and safety rules and regulations don’t only apply to businesses. They apply to buy-to-let landlords and the properties they rent out. If your tenant believes that their home could put their health at risk, they can apply to the local authority to carry out [...]

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Landlord obligations when you have new tenants

Nine things to do and 10 documents to provide to a new tenant If you’re a first-time buy-to-let landlord, or you are letting an existing property to a new tenant, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.  Some of this is obliged by law, and some are simply part of being [...]

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The landlord’s obligations to maintain a fit and habitable property

Why you must avoid letting an unfit dwelling The law says a property that a buy-to-let landlord lets to a tenant must be fit to live in. What does this really mean? What are a landlord’s obligations if their tenant reports a defect? What can a tenant do if you don’t meet your obligations? What [...]

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