More tips for buy-to-let landlords ahead of harsh winter weather

Six ways to keep tenants safe and warm and save your money in the long-term According to WXCHARTS, the UK is going to be shocked by bitterly cold conditions and an avalanche of snow that will sweep down from the north. The country could be plunged into arctic conditions within days, and then continue for [...]

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Electrical safety for buy-to-let landlords

Electrical safety is not mandatory, but unsafe electrics are a criminal offence We often get asked about a landlord’s obligations for electrical safety in their buy-to-let properties. Unlike gas safety regulations, the law doesn’t make it mandatory to have electrical appliances checked each year. However, it does make failing to make sure electrical equipment and [...]

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Health and safety and buy-to-let properties

How housing health and safety ratings apply to buy-to-let investors Health and safety rules and regulations don’t only apply to businesses. They apply to buy-to-let landlords and the properties they rent out. If your tenant believes that their home could put their health at risk, they can apply to the local authority to carry out [...]

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The landlord’s obligations to maintain a fit and habitable property

Why you must avoid letting an unfit dwelling The law says a property that a buy-to-let landlord lets to a tenant must be fit to live in. What does this really mean? What are a landlord’s obligations if their tenant reports a defect? What can a tenant do if you don’t meet your obligations? What [...]

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Winter is coming: Tips for the winter period

I hate to state the obvious and I also hate to be the bearer of bad news but the brilliant summer we experienced this year is well and truly over. To quote HBO’s Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming! This is the time of year we see tenants starting to turn the heating on as [...]

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4 property maintenance tips for buy-to-let landlords this autumn

Prepare your buy-to-let property for a repair-free winter After such a long, hot summer, UK buy-to-let landlords won’t be surprised to hear that forecasters are predicting months of extreme weather. The UK could be in for an extended period of disturbed weather, and a very cold mid-winter. It’s essential that buy-to-let landlords get on top [...]

Gas Safety Week 2018

This week sees the eighth annual Gas Safety Week take place. The aim is simple; to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances which can cause a magnitude of issues including gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning to name a few. Here at Ezytrac Property Management, we want both our [...]

Summer is ending – it’s time for buy-to-let landlords to prepare boilers for winter

5 tips to keep your boiler in top condition and your repair costs low I know that it’s been the hottest summer on record (though those who were around in 1976 may disagree with official statistics) and that an Indian summer could be around the corner, but now is the perfect time for buy-to-let landlords [...]

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Pros and cons of DIY property management

What you should consider before deciding whether to hire a property manager One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a first-time landlord is whether to manage your property yourself or to hire an investment property management company. For many landlords with one property, the main thing they consider is the cost of professional [...]

7 tips to keep your buy-to-let property safe during your tenant’s holidays

How to keep your empty property safe and secure Summer means lots of things to different people. The World Cup. Wimbledon. Barbecues. Days at the beach. Summer holidays. As a landlord, those last two words should strike you with some trepidation, if not fear. When your tenants go on holiday, your property sits empty; a [...]