Rents are rising fast and buy-to-let landlords are expanding portfolios

Savvy property investors benefit from inflation-busting rental income In this Landlord News Roundup, we look at the property investment news from the last month. Four items of news grabbed our attention in September. Combined, these point to a healthy environment for income seekers, as well as confirmation that the exodus from buy-to-let that so many [...]

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Gas Safety Week 2018

This week sees the eighth annual Gas Safety Week take place. The aim is simple; to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances which can cause a magnitude of issues including gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning to name a few. Here at Ezytrac Property Management, we want both our [...]

Read ARLA ‘bout It

Here at Ezytrac, we want to offer our clients and tenants the best possible customer service we can. This is why we’re striving towards every member of staff obtaining their ARLA qualification. You’ll know which members of staff have successfully completed this qualification as you’ll notice they have (MARLA) after their name. This stands for [...]

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How to avoid the new council tax surcharge on empty properties

Don’t let the government bully you – take charge of your asset instead There are an estimated 200,000 empty properties across the UK, worth more than £40 billion in total. In Chelsea and Kensington alone, the London borough where the Grenfell tragedy occurred, there is thought to be 1,500 empty properties. In the recent 2017 [...]

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How do we know your buy-to-let isn’t being sublet through Airbnb?

Is your property being used as a hotel? In our last article, we discussed the pros and cons of allowing subletting of your buy-to-let property. We explained why we don’t entertain the strategy. However, there is always the rogue tenant who thinks they can work a crafty one behind your back. Today this is made [...]

How to review reviews and buy the best every time

How can you trust investment property management reviews? Investment property management reviews are like spouses it seems – can’t live with them, can’t live without them (apologies my darling if you've read this). Working in the property management service industry, I’ve learned which reviews to believe and which ones to question. Here, you’ll learn how [...]

Buy-to-let landlord New Year’s resolutions for 2017

Make next year a record for profit and lifestyle At this time of the year, the best buy-to-let landlords will be concentrating on three things: The first, and most important, is spending time with family and friends – although this is something that the best investors do throughout the year. Second is to review the [...]

The buy-to-let landlord’s property rental outlook for 2017

A story of affordability, demand, supply, costs, and taxes There has been a number of buy-to-let property news and data releases in the last few weeks. When we combine these with what we know for certain about the UK property investment environment in 2017, we can make a considered estimate of how rental prices may [...]

The buy-to-let landlord’s guide to dealing with rent arrears – Part 3

Safeguard against bad tenants Avoiding a tenant from hell is every bit as important to successful property investment as researching location. A nightmare tenant could damage your property, cause problems with neighbours, and rack up months of rent arrears. In this article, you’ll learn about the first defence against rent arrears and the other problems [...]

Why DIY buy-to-let landlords never find a good maintenance man they want

How Ezytrac gets the best tradespeople to work for buy-to-let landlords The truth is that the DIY buy-to-let landlord rarely finds a great contractor and we know the reasons why. In this post I explore why you’ll never find a great contractor, and what we do to make sure that the tradespeople we use are the [...]