UK Property Investors: Chelsea/Fulham Property vs Regeneration Areas… Which would you choose?

UK Property Investors Which Would Be The Right Choice To Make UK property investors investing in property, should you go for an established location or regeneration area? Should you decide to go after property regeneration area? Is there an advantage? Is it's wiser to invest in regeneration area rather than getting a property investment in [...]

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How will Vaccine Affect Property Investors

Property Investors And Their Take On Covid Vaccine Property investors can they get security once Covid19 vaccine comes out? How does the vaccine affect property investors in the UK? Video Transcription: Covid vaccines you know nearly 2 trillion traded on the news of covid vaccines The interesting thing is we're talking about one company you [...]

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UK Property Market, Will The UK Be Shut Down Over Christmas?

UK Property Market Is Looking Pretty Good UK Property Market's showing far more resilience the second lockdown. We've got the vaccine coming soon so just hang in there and stay responsible. Video Transcription: A lot of people saying oh second lockdown is going to be even worse than the first. And then people are saying [...]

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UK Unemployment Up But This Is Why You Don’t Need To Worry

Video Transcription: We were expecting unemployment to go up. Employment to go up was at 4.5 it's now 4.8. Redundancies if you look at that bottom right hand corner you'll see that blue graph that all of a sudden jumps up to above 10 percent oh sorry not 10 it's per 11.3 per thousand employees. [...]

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Why Another Great Depression WON’T Happen in the UK

Video Transcription: Let me explain why I don't think we're in for another depression, like the great depression.  The great depression if you looked at it and you looked at all the facts and figures and the lead up to it and all the things it looked very similar if not the same as what [...]

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Brexit Deal- Hangs In Balance

Video Transcription: Let's talk about Brexit I just realised that it says London Property Hotspots sorry guys. Look Brexit, I think one of the key one Brexit deal hangs in the balance says EU Council President and look I've been saying this for a while. I think the whole thing with this Brexit is that [...]

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UK’s 3 World Cities For Property Investors

Video Transcription: The UK now has three world cities for Property Investors. BRETT: Any thoughts on this Dan, this is your specialty. DAN: We've been focused on uh on the North and the UK cities for probably about three four years like you mentioned. In 2016 London started to slow down so yes there's some [...]

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Trump Or Biden: Who Is Better for Property Investors?

Video Transcription: So it's a close race, a very close race 238 Biden to 213 Trump overnight. Pretty much the counting stopped there, I imagine they are still counting but they are not announcing the things. But as you can see their popular vote, 50% Biden and 48% Trump but that means nothing, as we [...]

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London’s Booming Areas For Property Investment

Video Transcription: Let's break it down now, we've talked about best fundamentals, we've talked about you know property doubling. Forget about the doubling side now because actually that's not I don't think that's by any means guaranteed but the point is the places that are likely to go up are in the best areas. So [...]

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Bretts 2021 House Price Predictions

Video Transcription: My predictions for 2021, I reckon prices will drop around 3% not drastic but I do think they'll either rise 3% all the way down to -10% so some areas are going to see drops and they'll be the ones that make the headlines but then other areas I think aren't that bad. [...]

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