Mortgage Interest: 1 Year Fixed Or 5 Year Fixed, Which Should I Choose?

Mortgage Interest When Buying An Investment Property Mortgage Interest in a Pandemic, well it will all depend on your situation. Cashflow situation, if this is an investment or your first property? For more UK Mortgage Interest tips and London property investment guide, visit Brett's Blog Sick of your Property agent not responding, or truly managing [...]

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UK Property Investors: Chelsea/Fulham Property vs Regeneration Areas… Which would you choose?

UK Property Investors Which Would Be The Right Choice To Make UK property investors investing in property, should you go for an established location or regeneration area? Should you decide to go after property regeneration area? Is there an advantage? Is it's wiser to invest in regeneration area rather than getting a property investment in [...]

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How Much Do I Need To Comfortably Retire Calculator (In UK Property!)

Comfortably Retire With UK Property How much do I need to comfortably retire calculator is a great way to work out how many UK properties you will need to retire in the UK. Video Transcription: Comfortably retire calculator is up in our website and if you go there I've got this new comfortably retire calculator you [...]

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How will Vaccine Affect Property Investors

Property Investors And Their Take On Covid Vaccine Property investors can they get security once Covid19 vaccine comes out? How does the vaccine affect property investors in the UK? Video Transcription: Covid vaccines you know nearly 2 trillion traded on the news of covid vaccines The interesting thing is we're talking about one company you [...]

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London Property Investment You’re about To Hear a lot More

London Property Investment Is Making A Come Back London Property Investment is as attractive as ever you're going to start hearing a lot more now about London. Video Transcription: London Property Investment is coming back, make no mistake we've seen it before. I've seen this set you know twice before I've seen it. London Property [...]

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UK Property Market, Will The UK Be Shut Down Over Christmas?

UK Property Market Is Looking Pretty Good UK Property Market's showing far more resilience the second lockdown. We've got the vaccine coming soon so just hang in there and stay responsible. Video Transcription: A lot of people saying oh second lockdown is going to be even worse than the first. And then people are saying [...]

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UK Unemployment Up But This Is Why You Don’t Need To Worry

Video Transcription: We were expecting unemployment to go up. Employment to go up was at 4.5 it's now 4.8. Redundancies if you look at that bottom right hand corner you'll see that blue graph that all of a sudden jumps up to above 10 percent oh sorry not 10 it's per 11.3 per thousand employees. [...]

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The Law Favours The Tenants- Why Is it Landlord’s Biggest Problem?

Video Transcription: Lettings and Management Rant an interesting thing. I mentioned last week we're finally kicking out the tenant who has £80,000 or something they owe all together and you know this was a Wednesday night on the Thursday we were kicking them out and of course it came out that they changed the rules. [...]

Brexit Deal- Hangs In Balance

Video Transcription: Let's talk about Brexit I just realised that it says London Property Hotspots sorry guys. Look Brexit, I think one of the key one Brexit deal hangs in the balance says EU Council President and look I've been saying this for a while. I think the whole thing with this Brexit is that [...]

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Rents Are Down In London, Will It Bounce Back?

Video Transcription: We've recently come across an article saying that rents are down by 20% in London, landlords are finding it difficult to find tenants. Will it bounce back? I think that's a really good question because actually that is one of their concerns. We haven't had 20% not 20% drops you know we're getting [...]

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