Why buy-to-let landlords must increase rents each year

Tips to help landlords maintain their business profits Many buy-to-let landlords find it hard to increase rent, especially if their tenants are good, long-term tenants. However, not increasing rents each year could be a big mistake. You have rising costs to consider, and a tougher mortgage and tax regime have made it more difficult to [...]

Rents continue to rise as more tenants are happy to rent for life

What does the new lifestyle trend and rising rents really mean for buy-to-let landlords? Great news for buy-to-let landlords has emerged in the last couple of weeks. First, rental prices in the private rented sector (PRS) have continued a rising four-year trend. Second, a third of tenants would be happy to rent for life. What [...]

What can buy-to-let investors expect from rental prices and property values in 2019?

Unwrapping the equation of uncertainty, demand and supply What all property investors would love to know is what the next 12 months promises for them. This year, with the global economy slipping and Brexit uncertainty bouncing across every front page, it’s harder to predict than most years. In this article, we take a look at [...]

Rents are rising and buy-to-let investors can get 0% mortgages

Could this positive news be the kick-start for new property investors? Exciting news for buy-to-let investors over the last few weeks. Rents are rising, London rents are roaring back amid a surge in demand for rental properties, and Leeds Building Society has launched a new buy-to-let mortgage range with an introductory 0% interest rate. ARLA [...]

Do you need to use a Section 13 Notice to increase rents?

All the buy-to-let landlord needs to know about Section 13 Notices In a recent article discussing how to raise rents legally in the UK buy-to-let market, I introduced the need to issue a Section 13 Notice if the tenancy is periodic or if the tenant disputes the rent increase. A landlord client sent us an [...]

How to raise rents without resistance from your tenants

Tips for buy-to-let landlords to increase rent without the hassle In this last article of a series of three discussing increasing rents in the UK buy-to-let market, you’ll read about six approaches that different landlords take when they wish to increase rents. You’ll notice how these approaches tie in with our advice about how to: Balance [...]

How to raise rents legally in the UK buy-to-let market

Stay onside with the law and with your tenant when you increase the rent In the first article in this series about increasing rents, you learned how to balance your emotional side and business brain to increase rents. In this article, I discuss the process of raising rents. If you don’t follow the right procedure, [...]

Balance your emotional side and business brain to increase rents

Balance your emotional side and business brain to increase rents Cracking the code of how to raise rents for your buy-to-let properties For many landlords, increasing the rent they charge is a difficult decision, especially if they are blessed with good tenants. You may be in this situation yourself. You’re torn between making an emotional [...]

How to boost your rental income and buy-to-let property value

Home improvements that put you in control of your profits Buy-to-let investors all want to boost their rental income. One way to do this is to make improvements to the property. Some improvements will also pump up a property’s value. But what improvements could boost buy-to-let profits the most? What are the pitfalls you need [...]

5 facts you need to know about a reserve fund for rental properties

How do you know how big your reserve fund for rental properties needs to be? The most successful buy-to-let property investors are prepared for all possibilities. They invest in and operate their property portfolio to a set formula. It can be summarised as: Buy in the best places to invest in property UK Find the [...]