Is the PRS evolving away from buy-to-let landlords?

Tips for buy-to-let landlords to benefit from new property market dynamics I don’t think that the government’s meddling in the private rented sector over the last couple of years has had quite the effect the government was hoping for. I’m sure they wanted to look like the good guys to tenants and be paid for [...]

Rents are rising and buy-to-let investors can get 0% mortgages

Could this positive news be the kick-start for new property investors? Exciting news for buy-to-let investors over the last few weeks. Rents are rising, London rents are roaring back amid a surge in demand for rental properties, and Leeds Building Society has launched a new buy-to-let mortgage range with an introductory 0% interest rate. ARLA [...]

7 soul-destroying difficulties that bug buy-to-let landlords

Passive property profits may not be as passive as you’d hoped As a buy-to-let landlord, the rental income and capital gain you make should provide passive profits that have the potential to change your life. Unfortunately, if you are ill-prepared, those profits could come at the cost of a lot of hard work. Keeping up [...]

What does fairness mean in tenancy agreements?

Tips to ensure you never lose a ‘fairness’ battle in court As a buy-to-let landlord, you’ll want to protect your property. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you present a tenancy agreement that does exactly this. However, the clauses that you can include are regulated by consumer law. This means they must be [...]

How can buy-to-let landlords get rent arrears paid?

10 steps to follow when you need to chase up rent that is owed to you Recent data from Your Move concludes that almost one in 10 tenants are in arrears with their rent. PropTech company RentalStep has said that rent arrears cost buy-to-let landlords around £900 million each year – with billions owed at [...]

Three things that give buy-to-let landlords nightmares between tenancies

How to smooth the transition from one tenant to another As your current tenant nears the end of their tenancy agreement, you should find out whether they intend to stay on in your property or leave at the end of the fixed term. You don’t want to suffer a costly void period (see our article [...]

Your tenant is in rental arrears – can you change the locks?

To take possession from a nightmare tenant, you must follow the law. Every now and then we need to serve a Section 21 Notice on a tenant to gain vacant possession of a landlord’s property. It’s not often, but with more than 1,200 properties under management nationwide it does happen occasionally. We were recently asked [...]

What do you think about three-year tenancies?

Your views could help shape UK landlord tenancy legislation You may have heard that the government want to railroad all landlords into minimum three-year tenancy agreements with their tenants. The idea is to give tenants more security, as around 80% of tenancies are for six to 12 months, meaning that landlords currently have greater flexibility [...]

What part do covenants and implied terms play in the landlord/tenant relationship?

Unwritten tenancy agreements offer some protection, but not enough A tenancy agreement is effectively a list of terms and conditions which both the landlord and tenant agree to uphold. While we might commonly refer to these as ‘clauses’, many are, in legalese, ‘covenants’. When a tenant moves from a fixed-term tenancy to a periodic tenancy, [...]

One of your tenants has left. The other refuses to pay full rent. What now?

The advantage of joint tenancies explained A buy-to-let landlord client recently found that a couple he had been renting to had gone their separate ways. We’d had no problem with them for the three years that they had been renting from him, but the remaining tenant had now refused to pay the full rent. The [...]