It’s time for landlords to prepare for the new Tenant Fees Bill

How can buy-to-let landlords protect their profits with this new law? The Tenant Fees Bill is making its way quietly through Parliament. However, we believe that buy-to-let landlords (and letting agents) should be listening very closely. When implemented, the new law will give tenants more protection and, critically, cap or ban some fees that tenants [...]

177,000 reasons buy-to-let landlords cannot ignore fire safety regulations

Smoke alarms and furniture – what landlords need to know On 24th August this year, landlord Philip Brotherton was fined £177,000 for breaching the fire safety regulations and putting his tenants’ lives at risk. The landlord’s property, an HMO in Reading, was inspected by the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service and found to fail [...]

What should you do if your tenant leaves and owes on utility bills?

5 steps to protect you and your next tenants from a previous tenant’s debts What do you do if your tenant leaves your property and you discover that they haven’t paid their utility bills or council tax? This does sometimes happen, and when it does it is usually because of the delay between the tenant [...]

Gas Safety Week 2018

This week sees the eighth annual Gas Safety Week take place. The aim is simple; to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances which can cause a magnitude of issues including gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning to name a few. Here at Ezytrac Property Management, we want both our [...]

Pros and cons of DIY property management

What you should consider before deciding whether to hire a property manager One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a first-time landlord is whether to manage your property yourself or to hire an investment property management company. For many landlords with one property, the main thing they consider is the cost of professional [...]

My buy to-let won’t let – what am I doing wrong?

Solutions to the 6 common reasons why your property remains untenanted One of the most common reasons for landlords turning to Ezytrac is that they can’t get their property rented. If this sounds like a problem you currently have, you must do something about it quickly. In this article, you’ll learn the most common reasons [...]

10 buy-to-let obligations that could cost errant landlords thousands

Don’t let ignorance or neglect cost you your buy-to-let business As a buy-to-let landlord, you’ll understand that you have many obligations. You’ll need to vet tenant applicants and keep your property well maintained. You should ensure that the tenancy agreement is fit for purpose. However, this is not the beginning, middle and end of your [...]

Mandatory CMP – what it means to landlords, tenants, and agents

If you let through a non-CMP property agent, you may want to rethink On the 3rd May 2018, the UK government announced that it will be mandatory for property agents to be members of a Client Money Protection (CMP) scheme from April 1st 2019. It’s great news for landlords and tenants, and something that we [...]

Should you do your own property maintenance?

6 questions to answer before you attempt repairs to your buy-to-let property When you’re a buy-to-let landlord, it’s tempting to do maintenance work yourself. The prospect of saving money is magnetic. However, is the money you could save a myth? What if you get out of your depth, and make the problem worse? You could [...]

What is the real cost of being a DIY landlord?

Do you know what an investment property manager could give you? When you invest in buy-to-let property, one of the key decisions you will need to make is whether to manage the property yourself or pay an investment property manager to do it for you. By self-managing the property, you will save on property management [...]