How to Deal With Recession and Downturn

Video Transcription: The real important thing here is right now, you are probably looking there, everything seems to be uphill, everything seems to be I’m just going to sit there. I think the most important thing you can do is look at this hill you are facing the challenges and how hard it’s going to [...]

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Do Landlord Rights Let You Ban Vaping in Your Buy-to-Let Property?

If You Can Ban Tenants from Vaping, Should You? There has been a lot of noise in the press about the potential health hazards associated with vaping. Many deaths in the United States have been attributed to vaping. Health experts, there are recommending that more research be done into vaping, and known vaping lung injuries [...]

6 Reasons You Should Rule out Renting to Friends

Don’t Ruin Personal Relationships When You’re a Landlord Many rookie landlords think renting to friends is an easy solution to tracking down top-class tenants for consistent rental income. You don’t have to pay for vetting – because you know them. You don’t have the expense of advertising your property. You can trust them to pay [...]

What Are a Landlord’s Responsibilities for Repairs?

Maintaining a Buy-to-Let Property Effectively As the owner of a buy-to-let property, you have many landlord responsibilities. Privately rented homes should be kept free from hazards and be a safe place for your tenants to live. Therefore, most repairs and maintenance issues will fall on your shoulders. You are responsible for fixing any issues that [...]

10 Tips to Help Your Tenants at Christmas

How to Keep Your Property Safe and Tenants Happy During the Festive Season Christmas is coming. A time of good cheer and good food. A time for families, parties and presents. A time when people leave their homes, and when bad weather can burst pipes. A time to make certain that your tenant knows you [...]

Should You Check Your Tenant’s Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

Simplifying the Complexity of Landlord Legislations and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Landlord regulations in the UK can be extremely complicated. You may remember an article we published detailing the 178 reasons the law causes buy-to-let landlords such stress. Landlord laws can be overwhelming, as you struggle to stay up to date with the constant stream of [...]

Should Private Landlords Let to Tenants on Universal Credit?

Is the Risk of Letting to Tenants on Benefits Really so Big? A question we are often asked by our private landlord clients is whether they should let to tenants on Universal Credit. Our advice is that you probably shouldn’t. Is our advice right? What do the arrears statistics really tell us? Rental Arrears Have [...]

Time for Buy-to-Let Landlords to Get a Gas Boiler Service

Avoid Cold and Irate Tenants This Winter Summer is winding down, and winter is fast approaching. Experts are predicting one of the coldest winters for decades. For buy-to-let landlords in the UK, this means it’s time to make sure the gas boiler in your buy-to-let property is still in top shape. You don’t want your [...]

Can You Stop a Tenant Trashing Your Property?

7 Tips to Stop Landlord Losses Caused by a Nightmare Tenant I recently read about a private landlord in Staffordshire whose tenant caused £20,000 of damage. It took landlord Jean Fox five months to evict the tenant after she finally started proceedings. As if this cost wasn’t enough, there were also months of rent the [...]

How to be professional with your property inventory

Four steps to protect your property and your pocket The property inventory is one of a landlord’s most important documents. A professional property inventory will help protect you against damage to or loss of your property, and also prevent disputes over the tenancy deposit at the end of the tenancy. In my last article, I [...]

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