It’s time for landlords to prepare for the new Tenant Fees Bill

How can buy-to-let landlords protect their profits with this new law? The Tenant Fees Bill is making its way quietly through Parliament. However, we believe that buy-to-let landlords (and letting agents) should be listening very closely. When implemented, the new law will give tenants more protection and, critically, cap or ban some fees that tenants [...]

Gas safety for buy-to-let landlords

How to comply with gas safety regulations and keep tenants safe If any of the gas appliances in your buy-to-let property aren’t fitted properly or are poorly ventilated, they could cause your tenants some serious health issues, or even lead to their death. Not good for business. And it’s not like your tenants will have [...]

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How to ensure tenancy agreement terms are fair and transparent

The two principles that steer the landlord/tenant/agent relationship When writing a tenancy agreement, two principles must be followed by a letting agent or investment property manager: the conditions included must be fair, and the financial terms must be transparent. In this article, you’ll learn what this means and how you can ensure that your tenancy [...]

Can implied surrender regain possession of an abandoned buy-to-let property?

The pros and cons of an implied surrender of tenancy explained In my last article, I discussed ending a tenancy agreement by mutual agreement and how an express surrender of tenancy is needed to do so. But what if your tenant has abandoned your property? As we wrote recently, there is a new abandonment process [...]

How to end a tenancy by mutual agreement

Express surrender of tenancy in plain English Whenever you wish to end a tenancy, there are several ways in which you may do so. Which you choose depends on the circumstance. For example, you may give the tenant notice to quit, or you may choose to evict your tenant. Whichever of these two options is [...]

7 soul-destroying difficulties that bug buy-to-let landlords

Passive property profits may not be as passive as you’d hoped As a buy-to-let landlord, the rental income and capital gain you make should provide passive profits that have the potential to change your life. Unfortunately, if you are ill-prepared, those profits could come at the cost of a lot of hard work. Keeping up [...]

What does fairness mean in tenancy agreements?

Tips to ensure you never lose a ‘fairness’ battle in court As a buy-to-let landlord, you’ll want to protect your property. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you present a tenancy agreement that does exactly this. However, the clauses that you can include are regulated by consumer law. This means they must be [...]

A tale of DIY landlord woe, and how to avoid the same mistakes

Why DIY landlords may not save money I’ve recently read a story on a landlord’s forum that serves to prove why doing things on the cheap is never a good strategy when you’re a landlord. The mistakes you are about to read are all too commonly made by DIY landlords. The baulk at paying a [...]

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Three things that give buy-to-let landlords nightmares between tenancies

How to smooth the transition from one tenant to another As your current tenant nears the end of their tenancy agreement, you should find out whether they intend to stay on in your property or leave at the end of the fixed term. You don’t want to suffer a costly void period (see our article [...]

Are you harassing your tenants by making property improvements?

What do you do if your tenant refuses to allow improvements at your buy-to-let property? You’ve decided to improve your property, by replacing the windows and doors. It’s going to help your tenant. It should improve both energy efficiency and security – the old frames are wooden and rotting. They allow draughts in, and the [...]