7 Tenant Scams That Buy-To-Let Landlords Must Avoid

Tips to Ensure You Don’t Get Conned I recently read about a fake landlord scam in Edinburgh, in which prospective tenants are conned out of money by the fake landlord asking for a deposit before showing the property for rent – which, of course, is not for rent, and does not belong to the fake [...]

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Evicting a Tenant Could Give You a Criminal Record

Abide by Eviction Rules or Go to Jail without Passing Go Are you thinking about evicting a tenant? In the UK there are strict proceedings for starting the eviction process. Not following the rules as a landlord can land you in big trouble, with huge legal costs and even a criminal record. In this article, [...]

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Letting a Property for the First Time

Rookie Errors That Could Erode Your Buy-to-let Profits When done properly, letting a property can provide a great source of income. However, there are many pitfalls that new landlords fall into. These can cost a lot of money, and eat into buy-to-let profits. Here are the five most common mistakes landlords should avoid when letting [...]

Rental Income Rises at Record Rates as Landlords Compensate for the Tenant Fee Ban

Why Rental Prices Are Likely to Continue Rising More landlords have increased their rental income than at any time on record. The reason? They have responded to the tenant fee ban exactly how we suspected they would. Exactly how the whole sector expected they would. And tenants are paying the price – exactly as we [...]

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7 Essential Topics Buy-To-Let Landlords Must Discuss with Tenants

Establishing Good Relationships with the Tenants in Your Buy-To-Let Property The landlord/tenant relationship can be a difficult one, fraught with tension. But it doesn’t have to be. By keeping open communications, properly maintaining the property, and laying out rules for your tenants to follow, you can ensure that everyone is always on the same page. [...]

Can You Stop a Tenant Trashing Your Property?

7 Tips to Stop Landlord Losses Caused by a Nightmare Tenant I recently read about a private landlord in Staffordshire whose tenant caused £20,000 of damage. It took landlord Jean Fox five months to evict the tenant after she finally started proceedings. As if this cost wasn’t enough, there were also months of rent the [...]

Should I let to a tenant who fails vetting?

A deeper understanding of tenant applicants is critical to get the best tenants You’ve shown a tenant applicant your property. You really hit it off, and you’d like to rent to them. They make you a rental offer that is acceptable, and you agree, subject to tenant vetting. You’re relieved. You’ve been searching for a [...]

First the Tories, now Labour Think of Ways to Hurt Landlords and Tenants

Labour plans to scrap tenant council tax will only make tenants worse off Both the UK’s major political parties got their backsides whipped in the local elections. Then they had their pants pulled down and their backsides whipped again in the EU elections. Landlords are turning the backs on the Tories at an alarming rate. [...]

What buy-to-let landlord can afford to lose up to a year’s rent?

It’s time to protect yourself against rogue letting agencies Could you afford to lose up to a year’s rent? If you don’t check out your letting agent and keep on top of your rental payments, that’s exactly what could happen. The lettings market is getting tougher. Our prediction is that many lettings agents could go [...]

What should a landlord do when their tenant goes on holiday?

6 tips to keep your property safe and secure With summer fast approaching, shouldn’t buy-to-let landlords prepare for their properties to be vacant? Your tenants will probably go on holiday this year. A vacant property is a target for vandals, burglars and squatters. They are more likely to suffer damage from adverse weather, too. Savvy [...]