Why Another Great Depression WON’T Happen in the UK

Video Transcription: Let me explain why I don't think we're in for another depression, like the great depression.  The great depression if you looked at it and you looked at all the facts and figures and the lead up to it and all the things it looked very similar if not the same as what [...]

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The Law Favours The Tenants- Why Is it Landlord’s Biggest Problem?

Video Transcription: Lettings and Management Rant an interesting thing. I mentioned last week we're finally kicking out the tenant who has £80,000 or something they owe all together and you know this was a Wednesday night on the Thursday we were kicking them out and of course it came out that they changed the rules. [...]

It’s bad but not as bad as it could have been! – Landlord Update 25 October 2020

Quick summary today.New Computer Go Live 1st December 2020.. Finally EICR and the lawEvictionsRent ArrearsRent Drops and Time to Rent OutShould You Sell?Autumn Webinar SeriesYou can click forward to the Chapters in the video. 

Are there Property Deals About Right Now?

The smart money is at the starters line, will you be with them to secure the first round of deals in this recession? Or will you wait and come into when the institutional investors jump or perhaps wait until the herd finally meanders over. My money's on the smart money and here's why! For more [...]

How the Market Backfired On These Tenants

Tenants who want to take advantage of this situation must be cautious because the market can backfire. Call the team on +44 (0)207 923 6100 or https://www.gladfish.com For more UK property investment tips and London property investment guide, visit Brett's Blog https://www.gladfish.com/blog For more investor and landlord updates check out www.gladfish.com/covid19/ If you are sick [...]

Why Everything is OK – Landlord Update

The government has done the right thing and done what it needed to do, what it should do and what the government is there to do for the Landlords. So I can actually say everything is okay, really Everything is OKAY! For more investor and landlord updates check out www.gladfish.com/covid19/ Video Transcription: Hey guys so [...]

Landlords Electrical Safety – New EICR Regulations

As a Landlord, you are now required to have the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). From 1 July 2020 all-new tenancies and 1 April 2021 for all existing tenancies must have the report (EICR) that will last for 5 years. Find out what it means to Landlords. For more UK property investment tips and London [...]

Why Tenants Should go to Gov.Uk and Claim their Entitlements

Find out what you can do if you are affected because of Coronavirus (Covid-19)For all Brett's Coronavirus resources https://www.gladfish.com/covid19/ Video Transcription:Hey guys Brett here group managing director of Ezytrac Property Group now I just want to talk to you guys because we're getting lots and lots of calls in about the fact that people having difficulty [...]

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