UK buy-to-let news roundup

The news that all UK landlords need to know At Ezytrac, our business is to ensure that our landlords and their tenants get the best service possible. So, it won’t surprise you that we are avid watchers of all the news that affects UK buy-to-let landlords, investors and tenants. We’ve captured the news that you [...]

Should landlords be concerned about three-year tenancies?

Good tenants stay longer. Good landlords encourage them to. When the idea of three-year tenancies was first proposed, landlords reacted with fury (The Guardian, July 2018). With tenants able to force landlords to allow them to stay in their property, but also able to walk away earlier if they wish, longer minimum tenancies restrict a [...]

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One Point of Contact with Ezytrac’s Brett and Mike

Brett Alegre-Wood & Michael Scrase-Hollamby discuss Ezytrac's One point of Contact for their Landlords. This is the simplest of services that means you have one person who looks after all your portfolio and one point of contact whenever you have issues, questions or concerns. Phone: +441522503717

How can buy-to-let landlords avoid this type of nightmare tenant?

Tips to help you stay profitable in property A Lincolnshire landlord has been hit with thousands of pounds worth of damage to his property, by a tenant who abandoned the property before Christmas. The tenant did a runner owing £3,000 in rent, too. If you add together the unpaid rent, the cost of repair work [...]

How to ensure buy-to-let success

Three areas of responsibility buy-to-let landlords must be on top of For buy-to-let landlords, success doesn’t only depend on buying the right property in the best location. Of course, this is an essential factor in your success, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll need to manage your tenants, your property and your finances. Managing your [...]

New Year’s resolutions to cement the landlord/tenant relationship

Tips to improve your buy-to-let business in 2019 As we head toward the end of another year (where on earth has the time gone?), it’s worth taking stock of where your buy-to-let business stands and how to improve it in 2019. One area on which your business depends is the relationship you have with your [...]

It’s time for landlords to prepare for the new Tenant Fees Bill

How can buy-to-let landlords protect their profits with this new law? The Tenant Fees Bill is making its way quietly through Parliament. However, we believe that buy-to-let landlords (and letting agents) should be listening very closely. When implemented, the new law will give tenants more protection and, critically, cap or ban some fees that tenants [...]

Gas safety for buy-to-let landlords

How to comply with gas safety regulations and keep tenants safe If any of the gas appliances in your buy-to-let property aren’t fitted properly or are poorly ventilated, they could cause your tenants some serious health issues, or even lead to their death. Not good for business. And it’s not like your tenants will have [...]

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How to ensure tenancy agreement terms are fair and transparent

The two principles that steer the landlord/tenant/agent relationshipWhen writing a tenancy agreement, two principles must be followed by a letting agent or investment property manager: the conditions included must be fair, and the financial terms must be transparent. In this article, you’ll learn what this means and how you can ensure that your tenancy agreement [...]

Can implied surrender regain possession of an abandoned buy-to-let property?

The pros and cons of an implied surrender of tenancy explained In my last article, I discussed ending a tenancy agreement by mutual agreement and how an express surrender of tenancy is needed to do so. But what if your tenant has abandoned your property? As we wrote recently, there is a new abandonment process [...]