It’s bad but not as bad as it could have been! – Landlord Update 25 October 2020

Quick summary today.New Computer Go Live 1st December 2020.. Finally EICR and the lawEvictionsRent ArrearsRent Drops and Time to Rent OutShould You Sell?Autumn Webinar SeriesYou can click forward to the Chapters in the video. 

More good news as the UK Property Market Races Off

The property market has opened back up so that's great news. If you've got a property that's vacant, don't worry too much you know the agents are out there they're gonna find tenants for you. For more investor and landlord updates check out Video Transcription: Hey so just wanted to quickly give you some [...]

Length of Void Periods Are Collapsing

Rents Are Rocketing, Too Don’t let Labour’s plot to steal wealth from buy-to-let landlords cloud the real landlord news. The length of the average void period in the UK has collapsed to only 11 days, and rental prices are rocketing. Goodlord Finds Void Periods Have Collapsed Goodlord – the property technology company whose products include [...]

Reduce Void Periods by Making Your Property Appealing to All Tenants

Simple Solutions That Make Your Buy-to-Let Property Pop Expensive void periods are often worse than they need to be because a property doesn’t appeal to a wide enough audience. The landlord sets up a property to appeal to young professionals. Or families. Or silver-haired renters. By focusing on a single demographic, you limit your audience. [...]

Facts about void periods all buy-to-let investors should know

How you can cut your void periods and increase your profits A void period is one of the biggest negative impacts on a buy-to-let landlord’s cash flow and profitability. Usually, void periods are caused by the break between one tenant leaving and the next tenant taking residence. They are nearly impossible to avoid. However, their [...]

How to protect your buy-to-let investment during void periods

Simple steps that could save a fortune in the fight against theft and vandalism All buy-to-let investment properties suffer a void period at some time. It’s the nature of the game. Here at Ezytrac, we work hard to reduce the cost of an empty property by employing strategies to retain tenants and avoid loss-making void [...]

How to protect buy-to-let against profit-crushing void periods

Build a strategy to retain tenants and avoid loss-making void periods One of the major reasons you need a reserve fund for rental properties is to cover the bills when you have a void period. When your investment property is empty, you’ll still have to pay the utility bills. The local authority won’t reduce its [...]

How much will tenancy voids cost the buy-to-let landlord?

Getting your buy-to-let property cash flow projections right In 2015 a study reported by The Daily Telegraph found that the majority of landlords fail to plan for tenancy voids when assessing the value of a buy-to-let property investment. This is one of the elements that we advise our clients to plan for and one we [...]

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