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Your guides to stress-free Set and Forget lettings and management!


The Ezytrac Lettings and Management Series is a 5 book series which covers all aspects of Letting and Managing your property.

  • Book 1 – Finding Great Tenants
  • Book 2 – How to Maximising Rental Income
  • Book 3 – How to Deal with Rent Arrears
  • Book 4 – Landlord Cash Flow Considerations
  • Book 5 – How to be a Great Landlord.

Interestingly, it’s not our hope to train you to be a good Landlord but to be a successful investor. That’s the first lesson in the book. The political and regulatory changes are happening so fast these days that having professionals on your side is essential if you are to have the least stress possible.


Marc was too busy to build and manage a portfolio until he discovered Ezytrac.

“Four agents in 4 different areas was too much. Ezytrac made the switch so easy, I now have one point of call for all my properties... You could say it was effortless.”

Marc Jacobs 

City of London Landlord


Diane wasn't sure about reading 5 books but it gave her huge confidence. 

“I was skeptical at first, why 5 books and would they really help me. Well they did and know I feel a lot more confident. The challenge is to get my hubby to read them.”

Diane Keppel

Hong Kong Landlord 

Thomas Dolling MARLA AIRPM
Read each book and you'll achieve Effortless...

We are so confident that these books will have you sold on effortless that if after reading the books you aren't entirely convinced, speak to the team and when you move your properties over to Ezytrac we'll give you 3 months free management. 

Thomas Dolling MARLA AIRPM

Ezytrac Property Manager


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