21, 3.75, 10.25, 903 – the numbers that matter to UK buy-to-let property investors

Short void periods, greater affordability, longer tenancies and higher rents If you thought the potential to profit from buy-to-let investment was fading, it is time to think again. As demand for rental property increases, rents are rising, void periods are manageable, and rental affordability is increasing demand. In this article, we look at the numbers [...]

How to protect your buy-to-let investment during void periods

Simple steps that could save a fortune in the fight against theft and vandalism All buy-to-let investment properties suffer a void period at some time. It’s the nature of the game. Here at Ezytrac, we work hard to reduce the cost of an empty property by employing strategies to retain tenants and avoid loss-making void [...]

Tips for buy-to-let investors whose tenants owe more than their tenancy deposit

How to ensure your buy-to-let profits aren’t dented Buy-to-let investment profits can be destroyed by tenants who walk away from a property owing more than their tenancy deposit. Especially if they have caused property damage that means a big maintenance and repair bill before the property can be re-let. Unfortunately, even the strictest tenant vetting [...]