How to Protect Your Buy-To-Let Property from Burglary This Summer

Your Rental Property Being Burglarised Will Put Off Tenants According to the ONS, there were 699,000 burglaries in the UK between April 2018 and March 2019. Most burglaries take place when there is no one at home – during the working day and when people are on holiday. As a buy-to-let landlord, it is your [...]

What buy-to-let landlord can afford to lose up to a year’s rent?

It’s time to protect yourself against rogue letting agencies Could you afford to lose up to a year’s rent? If you don’t check out your letting agent and keep on top of your rental payments, that’s exactly what could happen. The lettings market is getting tougher. Our prediction is that many lettings agents could go [...]

Could you get a stamp duty refund on your buy-to-let property?

The tax tribunal ruling that could save buy-to-let investors thousands A recent tax tribunal ruling could spell good news for buy-to-let landlords, and bad news for HMRC. If you have paid out the extra 3% stamp duty imposed by the government on investment properties, you may be able to claim a refund. In this article, [...]

What does a buy-to-let landlord do when a repair goes drastically wrong?

No heating? No hot water? No bother. What do you do if your tenant reports an issue that clearly makes your property unfit for human habitation? Let’s say, for example, that the occupants include young children, and the tenant tells you that the boiler and central heating has stopped working. It’s the middle of the [...]

6 Types of insurance buy-to-let landlords must consider

What insurance do you need to protect your income and profits? Landlord insurance is a key strategy to help minimise risks and maximise profits as a buy-to-let landlord. However, like other insurances, landlord insurance is not ‘one size fits all’. To ensure that you select the correct insurance cover for your needs, you should understand [...]

Landlord insurance – your FAQs answered

What you need to know before protecting your buy-to-let property You insure your life, your car, your home, your health, and even your earnings. Insurance is the way that you protect yourself from risks – the risk of leaving your loved ones with bills they cannot pay, the risk of being involved in a road [...]

New electric safety checks should not be a shock to buy-to-let landlords

All you need to know about the new electrical safety laws We’ve been expecting electrical safety checks in the private rented sector to become mandatory since the recommendation to introduce them was published for consultation in February of 2018. Finally, on 29th January 2019, the Housing, Communities and Local Government Minister Heather Wheeler announced that [...]

Time is money, which is why investors hire property managers

How to calculate the value of hiring an investment property manager In one of his recent one-a-day videos, our General Manager Mike Scase Hollamby discussed how time is money when it comes to void periods. Every day your property is empty, it is costing you money. As a quick recap, in the video Mike talks [...]

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What new legislation can buy-to-let landlords expect in 2019?

5 law changes that might affect your rental property business this year Through 2018, buy-to-let landlords had a lot of new legislation to accommodate in their planning and strategy. While the government hasn’t flooded the private rented sector with quite so much legislative change in recent months, there are still more adjustments that landlords will [...]

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Property taxes that buy-to-let landlords should consider in 2019

Take care of taxes to boost net profits If ever there was a dirty word, ‘tax’ is it. Over the last few years, the government has hit buy-to-let landlords hard with various tax changes. However, there are ways in which you can minimise your tax liabilities – seeking the advice of an experienced accountant or [...]

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