Time is money, which is why investors hire property managers

How to calculate the value of hiring an investment property manager In one of his recent one-a-day videos, our General Manager Mike Scase Hollamby discussed how time is money when it comes to void periods. Every day your property is empty, it is costing you money. As a quick recap, in the video Mike talks [...]

What new legislation can buy-to-let landlords expect in 2019?

5 law changes that might affect your rental property business this year Through 2018, buy-to-let landlords had a lot of new legislation to accommodate in their planning and strategy. While the government hasn’t flooded the private rented sector with quite so much legislative change in recent months, there are still more adjustments that landlords will [...]

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Property taxes that buy-to-let landlords should consider in 2019

Take care of taxes to boost net profits If ever there was a dirty word, ‘tax’ is it. Over the last few years, the government has hit buy-to-let landlords hard with various tax changes. However, there are ways in which you can minimise your tax liabilities – seeking the advice of an experienced accountant or [...]

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The secret to becoming a less hassled landlord is revealed

Where and how to buy, and who to let to Where and how to buy, and who to let to A while ago, we published an article that examined the five tenant types every landlord should avoid. These ranged from ‘Roger with all the rights’ – the tenant who believes the world, including you, owes [...]

Could the new HMO rules backfire on the government?

Buy-to-let landlords must adhere to the rules, though they may miss their target Buy-to-let landlords who own an HMO (house in multiple occupation) must be ready for new legislation coming into force in October. It’s designed to ensure that no tenants live in cramped conditions. We believe it could result in worsening the housing crisis [...]

A room-by-room guide to buy-to-let property inspections

The system that professional property inspectors use After reading a previous article, “Buy-to-let 101: Property inventories, inspections, and deposit disputes”, we received an email from a buy-to-let landlord asking if we could explain how to carry out a property inspection. Here are our top tips to ensure everything is covered room-by-room. Why should you inspect [...]

Buy-to-let 101: Property inventories, inspections, and deposit disputes

Inspect regularly and comprehensively to avoid deposit disputes Your tenant leaves. You inspect the property. It’s a mess. Literally. Dog mess has ruined the carpet. Cupboard doors are hanging off. The furniture is damaged beyond useless. Luckily, the deposit will cover the costs. But the tenant disputes your claim. In adjudication, the case goes against [...]

Should buy-to-let landlords fix their mortgages for longer?

The questions you must ask before signing that buy-to-let mortgage deal “To fix longer or not to fix longer? That is the question.” Paraphrasing William Shakespeare, I am, of course, talking about buy-to-let mortgages. If you are a buy-to-let landlord considering (or needing) to remortgage this year, it’s a question that you will be asking [...]

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How do accidental landlords maximise rental income and minimise risk?

7 steps to take you from zero to hero in the private rented sector Over the last couple of years, there has been one UK property trend that has slowly gathered momentum: the rise of the accidental landlord. If you are in this situation, the steps we outline in this article will help you maximise [...]

Three buy-to-let market innovations landlords must prepare for

How to avoid falling foul of landlord law changes There are some big changes coming up in the buy-to-let market, as the government continues to tackle rogue landlords and put the private rented sector into order. Here are three changes in the pipeline, each of which buy-to-let landlords should prepare for. The Property Ombudsman Scheme [...]