How to improve your tenant relationships by documenting everything

Tips to help avoid conflict between buy-to-let landlords and their tenants In one of our articles suggesting a few New Year’s resolutions for landlords, we discussed cementing the landlord/tenant relationship. A strategy we recommend is to document everything. In this article, you’ll learn more about this strategy – why it works and how to do [...]

How to improve your tenant relationships by being firm but fair

7 rules to keep your tenant onside As part of our New Year’s resolutions articles, one of the areas we discussed was how to cement the landlord/tenant relationship. One of the most important principles we highlighted was the need to be firm but fair in your tenant relationship. In this article, you’ll learn a little [...]

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Buy-to-let landlords must be ready for 20th March 2019

Don’t get caught out by the introduction of the new fit for habitation laws Are you prepared for March 20th? If you’re a buy-to-let landlord and expect to either welcome new tenants to your property or renew a tenancy on or after this date, you need to be. If you aren’t, you could be forced [...]

Why buy-to-let landlords don’t want one-in-a-million properties

A million buy-to-let homes across the UK could be unfit to live in A property that is one in a million should make a buy-to-let landlord a hefty profit; but not if it is the one in a million identified by Shelter as being unfit for human habitation. If it is one of these, then [...]

When is a home not a home?

Buy-to-let landlords must beware of the new fit for habitation law The answer is when it is not fit for human habitation. The question that buy-to-let landlords must answer, then, is how is a property rated as not fit for human habitation? If you can’t answer this, you could be breaking the new law that [...]

4 property maintenance tips for buy-to-let landlords this autumn

Prepare your buy-to-let property for a repair-free winter After such a long, hot summer, UK buy-to-let landlords won’t be surprised to hear that forecasters are predicting months of extreme weather. The UK could be in for an extended period of disturbed weather, and a very cold mid-winter. It’s essential that buy-to-let landlords get on top [...]

7 soul-destroying difficulties that bug buy-to-let landlords

Passive property profits may not be as passive as you’d hoped As a buy-to-let landlord, the rental income and capital gain you make should provide passive profits that have the potential to change your life. Unfortunately, if you are ill-prepared, those profits could come at the cost of a lot of hard work. Keeping up [...]

What should buy-to-let landlords do about domestic abuse in their property?

Are your tenants a tragedy waiting to happen? A friend of mine once told me about a case of domestic abuse that led to the death of one of his ex-neighbours. She was stabbed to death by her partner in Essex. It’s a tragic story and one that I won’t repeat in detail in this [...]

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Summer is ending – it’s time for buy-to-let landlords to prepare boilers for winter

5 tips to keep your boiler in top condition and your repair costs low I know that it’s been the hottest summer on record (though those who were around in 1976 may disagree with official statistics) and that an Indian summer could be around the corner, but now is the perfect time for buy-to-let landlords [...]

Three things that give buy-to-let landlords nightmares between tenancies

How to smooth the transition from one tenant to another As your current tenant nears the end of their tenancy agreement, you should find out whether they intend to stay on in your property or leave at the end of the fixed term. You don’t want to suffer a costly void period (see our article [...]