1000 Ways To Make Money In Property

Video Transcription: There's thousands of ways to make money in property. You need one maybe two. I really mean that, I know guys that make money at a property that I have no concept of how they actually do it, but they know their game really really well. I know my game really well, we [...]

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What Should You Do If Your Buy-to-Let Property Is in Negative Equity?

The Answer Could be in Your Cash Flow Negative equity – when the value of your property is less than the mortgage you owe on it – can affect property investors as well as homeowners. For the homeowner, negative equity could halt moving home. For the property investor, it could spell financial disaster. In this [...]

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What Are the Tenant Responsibilities When They Want to Decorate?

It’s Your Tenant’s Home, but Your Property In this article, we’ll look at an issue that most landlords face at least once: should you allow your tenants to decorate your property? The answer may come down to the tenant responsibilities you have written into the tenancy agreement. Why You Should Allow Tenants to Redecorate Your [...]

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7 Essential Topics Buy-To-Let Landlords Must Discuss with Tenants

Establishing Good Relationships with the Tenants in Your Buy-To-Let Property The landlord/tenant relationship can be a difficult one, fraught with tension. But it doesn’t have to be. By keeping open communications, properly maintaining the property, and laying out rules for your tenants to follow, you can ensure that everyone is always on the same page. [...]

Property Is Critical to a Happy Retirement

Alternative Assets Are Needed for Retirement Planning There has been a gradual but seismic shift in pensions over the last few decades. During this time, we have seen that: The value of the state pension continues to be eroded, by both the effect of inflation and the increases in the retirement age. Final salary schemes [...]

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How to Protect Your Buy-To-Let Property from Burglary This Summer

Your Rental Property Being Burglarised Will Put Off Tenants According to the ONS, there were 699,000 burglaries in the UK between April 2018 and March 2019. Most burglaries take place when there is no one at home – during the working day and when people are on holiday. As a buy-to-let landlord, it is your [...]

New Year’s resolutions to enhance buy-to-let maintenance

Tips to improve your buy-to-let business in 2019 Many landlords have the mistaken view that a property will take care of itself, or that their tenants will take care of the property for them. While it may be reasonable to expect tenants to respect and look after their home, it is the landlord’s responsibility to [...]

New Year’s resolutions to boost landlord finances

Tips to improve your buy-to-let business in 2019 The end of a calendar year is one of those natural ‘breaks’ when it pays to assess how the previous year has worked out and how you can improve your lot going forward. For you as a landlord, it provides a period of reflection during which you [...]

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New Year’s resolutions to cement the landlord/tenant relationship

Tips to improve your buy-to-let business in 2019 As we head toward the end of another year (where on earth has the time gone?), it’s worth taking stock of where your buy-to-let business stands and how to improve it in 2019. One area on which your business depends is the relationship you have with your [...]

It’s time for landlords to prepare for the new Tenant Fees Bill

How can buy-to-let landlords protect their profits with this new law? The Tenant Fees Bill is making its way quietly through Parliament. However, we believe that buy-to-let landlords (and letting agents) should be listening very closely. When implemented, the new law will give tenants more protection and, critically, cap or ban some fees that tenants [...]

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