Buy-to-Let Continues to Beat the Inflation Rate

Latest News Confirms Property Investors Are Winners When you invest in a buy-to-let property, you make money by the growth in the property’s value and from the rental income you receive. To improve your standard of living, you want to grow your capital and your income faster than the inflation rate. Despite all the uncertainty [...]

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Spanish taxes could stump stamp duty surcharge on non-resident buy-to-let investors in the UK

Here’s why EU law could roadblock the UK government’s overseas investor tax plans The government, letting agencies, property developers and non-resident investors in buy-to-let property in the UK should be watching a property tax battle in Spain very closely. It could put an immovable roadblock on the proposed 1% stamp duty surcharge on property purchases [...]

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Another crackpot idea attacking buy-to-let landlords that will actually harm tenants more

Why open-ended tenancies are dumber than  dumb No sooner are landlords becoming used to the idea they may have to sign longer tenancies (as discussed in our blogs “What new legislation can buy-to-let landlords expect in 2019?” and “What do you think about three-year tenancies?”) that they have another crackpot idea floated by another quango-like [...]

7 essential tips to keep your buy-to-let maintenance costs down in winter

How to keep your property healthy and your tenant onside Weather forecasters at the BBC are warning we should all be prepared for a harsh winter. The NHS is gearing up for another season of record numbers of flu cases. Buy-to-let landlords should act now to protect their investment from suffering major maintenance issues during [...]

How to boost your rental income and buy-to-let property value

Home improvements that put you in control of your profits Buy-to-let investors all want to boost their rental income. One way to do this is to make improvements to the property. Some improvements will also pump up a property’s value. But what improvements could boost buy-to-let profits the most? What are the pitfalls you need [...]

Seven steps to success as a buy-to-let investor

The process of profitable buy-to-let property management With more than a thousand properties under our management, we have a lot of experience with successful property investors. We’ve analysed the process they follow when building their property portfolios, and see that the most successful take the same steps on their way to creating life-changing passive income. [...]

Are you prepared for the energy efficiency clampdown on buy-to-let landlords?

Avoid a ban on letting and a massive fine Energy efficiency is on a collision course with buy-to-let landlords in England and Wales. If you aren’t prepared when the new energy efficiency laws come into force, you could face hefty fines and find yourself banned from leasing your property. In this article, we offer advice [...]

A third of buy-to-let landlords will do this in 2017 – should you?

How you can cut costs to increase profits When your buy-to-let portfolio is faced with higher taxes, there are a limited number of options available to maintain or grow profits. One in five landlords is set to raise rents. However, some landlords may find it very difficult, or even impossible to do so. More than [...]

What to do when a tenant sublets your buy-to-let illegally

How to evict without becoming the subtenant’s landlord Your buy-to-let has been sublet without your permission. You are at risk. Your property could be damaged. If an injury occurs to an unknown tenant in your property, you could be sued for millions because your landlord insurance is voided. Your mortgage lender could insist you repay [...]

How do we know your buy-to-let isn’t being sublet through Airbnb?

Is your property being used as a hotel? In our last article, we discussed the pros and cons of allowing subletting of your buy-to-let property. We explained why we don’t entertain the strategy. However, there is always the rogue tenant who thinks they can work a crafty one behind your back. Today this is made [...]

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