Buy-to-let landlords must be ready for 20th March 2019

Don’t get caught out by the introduction of the new fit for habitation laws Are you prepared for March 20th? If you’re a buy-to-let landlord and expect to either welcome new tenants to your property or renew a tenancy on or after this date, you need to be. If you aren’t, you could be forced [...]

Why buy-to-let landlords don’t want one-in-a-million properties

A million buy-to-let homes across the UK could be unfit to live in A property that is one in a million should make a buy-to-let landlord a hefty profit; but not if it is the one in a million identified by Shelter as being unfit for human habitation. If it is one of these, then [...]

When is a home not a home?

Buy-to-let landlords must beware of the new fit for habitation law The answer is when it is not fit for human habitation. The question that buy-to-let landlords must answer, then, is how is a property rated as not fit for human habitation? If you can’t answer this, you could be breaking the new law that [...]