Why buy-to-let landlords must increase rents each year

Tips to help landlords maintain their business profits Many buy-to-let landlords find it hard to increase rent, especially if their tenants are good, long-term tenants. However, not increasing rents each year could be a big mistake. You have rising costs to consider, and a tougher mortgage and tax regime have made it more difficult to [...]

How to raise rents without resistance from your tenants

Tips for buy-to-let landlords to increase rent without the hassle In this last article of a series of three discussing increasing rents in the UK buy-to-let market, you’ll read about six approaches that different landlords take when they wish to increase rents. You’ll notice how these approaches tie in with our advice about how to: Balance [...]

How to raise rents legally in the UK buy-to-let market

Stay onside with the law and with your tenant when you increase the rent In the first article in this series about increasing rents, you learned how to balance your emotional side and business brain to increase rents. In this article, I discuss the process of raising rents. If you don’t follow the right procedure, [...]

Balance your emotional side and business brain to increase rents

Balance your emotional side and business brain to increase rents Cracking the code of how to raise rents for your buy-to-let properties For many landlords, increasing the rent they charge is a difficult decision, especially if they are blessed with good tenants. You may be in this situation yourself. You’re torn between making an emotional [...]