Why Another Great Depression WON’T Happen in the UK

Video Transcription: Let me explain why I don't think we're in for another depression, like the great depression.  The great depression if you looked at it and you looked at all the facts and figures and the lead up to it and all the things it looked very similar if not the same as what [...]

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London’s Booming Areas For Property Investment

Video Transcription: Let's break it down now, we've talked about best fundamentals, we've talked about you know property doubling. Forget about the doubling side now because actually that's not I don't think that's by any means guaranteed but the point is the places that are likely to go up are in the best areas. So [...]

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Is Your Job Really Safe in the Future?

Video Transcription: It’s either being a massive change disrupted,  you've got to look and say well hold on a sec if it's been a massive change interrupted am I going to have my job in the future? And if you're not then you need to consider what happens if I'm unemployed what happens if I [...]

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Moving home? Rent-to-buy could be your route to wealth

You don’t have to sell your home when you move Rent-to-buy is a real choice for those seeking to move home. It could be that you’re retiring and downsizing. You may have a new job in a different part of the country. Perhaps you’re moving abroad. Traditionally, if you were moving home, you would sell [...]

Be a great buy-to-let landlord Part 4 – Ending a tenancy the right way

Just because your tenant is leaving, don’t stop being a great buy to let landlord All good things come to an end for a buy-to-let landlord, and that includes the best tenancies. At some time in the future, that fantastic tenant you worked so hard to keep forever is going to move on. It may [...]

Be a great buy-to-let landlord Part 3 – Nine tips to retain your tenant

Retaining tenants as a buy-to-let landlord is a lot cheaper than looking for new ones My last two articles have walked you through the first two phases of how to be an excellent buy-to-let landlord: How to find great tenants Helping your tenants move into your investment property In this article, I’ll look at how [...]

The cost of finding tenants when you’re a DIY buy-to-let landlord

It’s easy to get the wrong tenant when you’re a DIY buy-to-let landlord In my last post, I discussed how much easier it is to find tenants in the internet age. Unfortunately, it’s also easier for bad tenants to find you. A few months ago a DIY buy-to-let landlord told me a story about his [...]

The investor's guides to avoid bad tenants

The real cost of finding tenants for your buy-to-let investment property can be huge if you get it wrong. In fact, I’ve seen a bad tenant destroy buy-to-let landlords – especially those just starting out. As strange as it may seem, there are many ‘professional’ bad tenants. They move from home to home, paying no [...]

Straight facts on tenant vetting process

The tenant vetting process and tips to avoid bad tenants If there is one thing that you want to do as a buy-to-let landlord, it is to avoid bad tenants. As I discussed in my last post, when looking at strategies to avoid bad tenants, your gut feeling is important but must always be backed [...]

How to find tenants when you’re a buy-to-let landlord

Is it really possible to do it yourself and save money? As a new buy-to-let landlord, it’s tempting to look at the costs of working with an experienced and well-qualified property management company and decide to do everything yourself. After all, how hard can it be to find a tenant when demand for rented homes [...]

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