Help! My tenant has abandoned my property – what do I do?

What are your landlord’s rights if a tenant walks out? If a tenant abandons your buy-to-let property, you could have a nightmare to deal with. Even if the tenant is in the wrong, they still have rights that could conflict with what you believe your landlord’s rights should be. You can’t simply repossess the property [...]

What are a landlord’s rights if a tenant leaves belongings behind?

What to do if your tenant doesn’t take all their property when they leave Landlords’ rights are never as clear-cut as you might assume. For example, a landlords rights don’t allow you to enter your buy-to-let property whenever you want. The common problem is that a tenant leaves property behind when they vacate a buy-to-let [...]

What are the landlord’s rights to enter their buy-to-let?

Legal considerations before calling in on your tenant Landlords’ rights don’t give the landlord or their investment property manager the right to enter a property at will. Even though this may seem odd to you (after all, it’s your property), the law recognises that it is the tenant’s home. Your tenant can refuse you the [...]