Rents Are Down In London, Will It Bounce Back?

Video Transcription: We've recently come across an article saying that rents are down by 20% in London, landlords are finding it difficult to find tenants. Will it bounce back? I think that's a really good question because actually that is one of their concerns. We haven't had 20% not 20% drops you know we're getting [...]

1000 Ways To Make Money In Property

Video Transcription: There's thousands of ways to make money in property. You need one maybe two. I really mean that, I know guys that make money at a property that I have no concept of how they actually do it, but they know their game really really well. I know my game really well, we [...]

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Post UK Election – Two Impacts of Renting Property

Video Transcription: Hi, guys. So, Tory majority and its effect on lettings, and actually landlords and how we're going to be letting our properties and that sort of thing and what really is in the manifesto. The interesting thing with the manifesto, there wasn't a lot on housing. Really the focus was on Brexit and [...]

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Time is money, which is why investors hire property managers

How to calculate the value of hiring an investment property manager In one of his recent one-a-day videos, our General Manager Mike Scase Hollamby discussed how time is money when it comes to void periods. Every day your property is empty, it is costing you money. As a quick recap, in the video Mike talks [...]

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Why buy-to-let landlords should warm up for winter

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best Winter is coming. With natural disasters ranging from tornados to floods, from severe snow storms to more floods, savvy buy-to-let property landlords have already started winter-proofing their properties. If recent history is anything to go by, we’re almost bound to suffer a natural disaster. TheAssociation of British [...]

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6 ways to keep your buy-to-let secure

Maintaining buy-to-let property security and tenant safety Now that summer is drawing to a close and autumn is fast approaching, it’s time for but-to-let landlords to protect their property and their tenant relationship. With the end of the school holidays comes the end of bored teenagers wandering the streets. Unfortunately, it is also the sign [...]

Why 20% of your time will make 80% of your property investment returns

Using the power of Pareto to build a property portfolio Many investors with a property portfolio also have a full-time job, certainly, when the portfolio is at the early or growing stage. However, as the portfolio gets larger, and properties within it begin to mature, the property investor finds that Pareto’s Principle applies to property [...]

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5 tactics to minimise your risks of being a buy-to-let landlord

How to protect yourself and your property investment When you become a buy-to-let landlord, you take on a huge range of responsibilities, each with the potential to cost you money, time, and reputation. Faulty white goods and substandard repairs could end up with an injury to a tenant. Problem tenants that have all-night parties or [...]

How to value your time as a buy-to-let landlord

Removing the emotion from your property investment In my last blog, I looked at the difference between being a buy-to-let landlord and a property investor. This post looks at something most buy-to-let landlords don’t appreciate: the value of their time. Only once you understand how valuable your time is. You can take the logical decision [...]

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