Ezytrac Landlord Update 03Jun20

Landlord update on where the market is. Is a recession on the way as the effect of the pandemic. Here are my thoughts as I keep you up to date on what is happening in the next few weeks and what we can look forward too in the future. For all Brett's Coronavirus resources https://www.gladfish.com/covid19/ [...]

Why the UK Property Market is Functioning DAMN Well

Lots of negativity and when you look at the numbers it looks like it is going to be terrible. But don't believe that's the case. Here are my thoughts. For more investor and landlord updates check out www.gladfish.com/covid19/ Video Transcription: Hi guys and welcome to another Landlord update. It's a pretty interesting time because we've [...]

Let-to-rent is the new buy-to-let in the UK

A new strategy for a new economy Buy-to-let has been an increasingly popular form of property investment, creating wealth for many over the last two decades as reliance on the social rented sector has declined, and the importance of the private rented sector has grown. This evolution of the property market is continuing, with a [...]

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