How will Vaccine Affect Property Investors

Property Investors And Their Take On Covid Vaccine Property investors can they get security once Covid19 vaccine comes out? How does the vaccine affect property investors in the UK? Video Transcription: Covid vaccines you know nearly 2 trillion traded on the news of covid vaccines The interesting thing is we're talking about one company you [...]

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1000 Ways To Make Money In Property

Video Transcription: There's thousands of ways to make money in property. You need one maybe two. I really mean that, I know guys that make money at a property that I have no concept of how they actually do it, but they know their game really really well. I know my game really well, we [...]

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Trump Or Biden: Who Is Better for Property Investors?

Video Transcription: So it's a close race, a very close race 238 Biden to 213 Trump overnight. Pretty much the counting stopped there, I imagine they are still counting but they are not announcing the things. But as you can see their popular vote, 50% Biden and 48% Trump but that means nothing, as we [...]

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Cladding: Why Is It Important In The UK Property Market? And Does It Affect You?

Video Transcription: I want to move on to cladding and I've put the cladding rant here but I think one of these is one of the keys and it may be the biggest thing that you never knew about. Basically what we talk about cladding, if you look at a building the outside of the [...]

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