Rents Are Down In London, Will It Bounce Back?

Video Transcription: We've recently come across an article saying that rents are down by 20% in London, landlords are finding it difficult to find tenants. Will it bounce back? I think that's a really good question because actually that is one of their concerns. We haven't had 20% not 20% drops you know we're getting [...]

7 Ways to Increase Your Rental Income

From Painting to Building an Extension, What Is Your Best Option? According to a study by major insurers, the average tenancy in the UK lasts around 18 months. Many of the tenancies of our landlord clients last much longer. Tenants are looking to find a home. Landlords want to maximise their rental income. The two [...]

Rental Income Rises at Record Rates as Landlords Compensate for the Tenant Fee Ban

Why Rental Prices Are Likely to Continue Rising More landlords have increased their rental income than at any time on record. The reason? They have responded to the tenant fee ban exactly how we suspected they would. Exactly how the whole sector expected they would. And tenants are paying the price – exactly as we [...]

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Moving home? Rent-to-buy could be your route to wealth

You don’t have to sell your home when you move Rent-to-buy is a real choice for those seeking to move home. It could be that you’re retiring and downsizing. You may have a new job in a different part of the country. Perhaps you’re moving abroad. Traditionally, if you were moving home, you would sell [...]

How to pull a tenant into line when they pay rent late

Good investment property management tactics keep rental income flowing Investment property management should help you get a great tenant, maintain them and your property, and make sure the tenant pays the rent on time. Unfortunately, there’s always the possibility that your tenant will be late paying the rent or fall behind in rental payments. A [...]

The buy-to-let landlord’s guide to maximising rental income profit: Part 4

How buy to let landlords raise rents and retain the best tenants Many buy-to-let landlords find one of the hardest things to do is to raise rents. If you’re like seven out of ten buy to let landlords that we meet, you’ll be worried about upsetting a great tenant with a rent increase. You’re between a rock [...]

The buy-to-let landlord’s guide to maximising rental income profit: Part 3

Buy To Let Landlords Rent setting tips Outlinging strategies to help buy-to-let landlords maximise rental income profit in the first two posts of this four post series, I discussed factors like covering expenses and the cost of void periods. Here, I began to explore how setting the right rent is key to maximising buy to let landlord [...]

The buy-to-let landlord’s guide to maximising rental income profit: Part 2

Why setting the right rent is so important Having discussed the job of rental income and a couple of the pitfalls to avoid when setting the rent on your investment property in my last buy-to-let landlords blog, in this second part of four I want to explore further why it’s so important to set the right [...]

The buy-to-let landlord’s guide to maximising rental income profit: Part 1

Rental income and the pitfalls of buy to let landlords basing profit strategies on it Buy-to-let landlords want to maximise rental income profits and capital growth from their property investment. A common mistake of inexperienced landlords is to think the way to do this is to increase the rent to as high a level as [...]

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