Could the Right to Rent scheme get scrapped?

The High Court rules on the farce of Right to Rent rules Hard to manage, difficult to police, and unfair on landlords and agents. Basically, this was our analysis of the Right to Rent scheme when the government introduced it. The scheme passes all responsibility for checking immigration status onto landlords and agents, and if [...]

How does the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement affect buy-to-let landlords?

Does right to residency mean right to rent? As I write this, the arguments and debates about the Withdrawal Agreement are rumbling on. These could derail the agreement in Parliament. Luckily for buy-to-let landlords, whether the Withdrawal Agreement is passed or not makes no difference to how the buy-to-let sector operates. Or does it? The [...]

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First Lets – The buy-to-let landlord’s guide to get the best tenants: Part 3

First Lets – Avoid expensive right-to-rent and discrimination blunders As you’ve seen in parts 1 and 2 of getting the best tenants, bad tenants could cost a buy-to-let property investor thousands. It’s, therefore, important to start the tenant vetting process as early as possible, and that’s where the questions you ask on the rental application [...]