What If the Tenancy Deposit Doesn’t Cover Damage Caused?

Steps to Take If a Nightmare Tenant Leaves Owing You Money A tenancy deposit is an amount of money held to cover unpaid rent, property damage, cleaning or unpaid bills when the tenant leaves your property. By law, it must be held in a tenancy deposit scheme. There are rules that dictate how you can [...]

What can a landlord deduct from a tenancy deposit?

Don’t make a schoolboy error and lose out in court Recently, a DIY buy-to-let landlord asked us a question about a tenant’s deposit. The landlord wanted to know what deductions if any, she could claim from the deposit. She had requested money be withheld from the deposit to cover damage and cleaning. The tenant disputed [...]

How much of the tenancy deposit can a buy-to-let landlord withhold?

Your easy wear and tear formula to avoid tenant deposit disputes A buy-to-let landlord doesn’t have to take a deposit from a tenant, and it can be tempting to waive the deposit to secure a tenancy. We would advise against this. By not taking a deposit, you are increasing your risk of financial loss during [...]

Can you avoid screw-ups that destroy tenancy deposit claims?

Learn from the schoolboy errors that experience avoids Your tenant has moved out, and you discover they’ve left your buy-to-let property in a mess. There are bathroom tiles that need replacing. They haven’t shampooed the carpet as it states to do so in the tenancy agreement. Curtain poles are hanging off the wall. And you [...]

Everything a landlord wants to know about tenancy deposit protection but is afraid to ask

Stay one step ahead lawfully As a landlord, you’re required by law to put a tenant’s deposit into a tenancy deposit protection scheme. There are some schemes available, covering both custodial and insured schemes. If you don’t offer tenancy deposit protection, you’ll be breaking the law and could be ordered to repay up to three times [...]