Why Everything is OK – Landlord Update

The government has done the right thing and done what it needed to do, what it should do and what the government is there to do for the Landlords. So I can actually say everything is okay, really Everything is OKAY!  

Landlords! Are Tenants REALLY Keeping the Rent Flowing ?

Have tenants kept their end of the bargain, or are they abusing the agreement? And are Landlords being reasonable? Let's examine were we are at using my own data from Ezytrac Property. For all Brett's Coronavirus resources https://www.gladfish.com/covid19/   Video Transcription: Hey guys so welcome to corona virus and property so today I want to [...]

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UK Landlords… It could be worse, you could be in Queensland!

And I thought that things were bad in the UK, spare a thought for Queensland landlords, they may have the sun, surf and well...BBQ but they also have a ruthless Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, who clearly wants Landlords to pay for the crisis. Poor Effort Annastacia. If you're a Queensland Landlord get on the REIQ website [...]

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