Corporate Debt – Is this the Disguised Cause of this Recession?

Coronavirus may become the distraction that many companies need but the true reason we may head into a global recession could be debt. Cheap money since the GFC and a bubble that didn't deflate. But is there a way out of it? *** Sorry guys, clearly had two microphones on today. Apologies. *** For all [...]

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What is the NEW NORMAL likely to be?

Are we really in for massive radical change or could we just be moving towards a better form of us, a more understanding form of society and humanity? Regardless, easing of restrictions is coming to a street near you soon. For all Brett's Coronavirus resources Video Transcription: Let's get on with so the new [...]

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How Best to Restart on the Economy & Your Business – Coronavirus & Property Investment

Are you ready for the restart button to be pressed, do you have the war chest to take advantage of the opportunity or have you been lulled into a false sense of security that the Gov'ts around the world will save you? Let's look at my thoughts on the best ways to restart your business [...]

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Coronavirus & Property Investment – Stagflation – Economic Certainty or Fantasy

Could the unemployment rate jump despite the Furloughing? Is all the money printing and stimulus going to end in inflation... Well could this lead to the dreaded Stagflation. Today we look at the case for stagflation and how long it would last if it did. For all Brett's Coronavirus resources Video Transcription: Hey, guys [...]

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Coronavirus & Property – The Manual Car Analogy for Recovery

Today we chat about how I think all this stimulus will turn out for the UK and why I feel the UK is better positioned than many other countries. **Sorry guys having difficulties streaming at the moment, this work from homes killing me.** For all Brett's Coronavirus resources Video Transcription: Cheers guys so welcome [...]

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Will Mortgage Lending dry up becuase of this crisis?

Will mortgage lending dry up during this crisis. We normally see the criteria tighten but considering it hardly relaxed since the last recession, will they go further? For all Brett's Coronavirus resources

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Are BTL Investors pulling out due to tax changes

Video Transcription: Hey guys, I saw a Guardian report and the Guardian report said that buy-to-let people are pulling out in their droves and the tax changes have really bitten now and people are moving away from, they're not buying or not letting their properties anymore. And I sort of thought about it, and I [...]

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