Length of Void Periods Are Collapsing

Rents Are Rocketing, Too Don’t let Labour’s plot to steal wealth from buy-to-let landlords cloud the real landlord news. The length of the average void period in the UK has collapsed to only 11 days, and rental prices are rocketing. Goodlord Finds Void Periods Have Collapsed Goodlord – the property technology company whose products include [...]

Reduce Void Periods by Making Your Property Appealing to All Tenants

Simple Solutions That Make Your Buy-to-Let Property Pop Expensive void periods are often worse than they need to be because a property doesn’t appeal to a wide enough audience. The landlord sets up a property to appeal to young professionals. Or families. Or silver-haired renters. By focusing on a single demographic, you limit your audience. [...]

10 Landlord Tips to Take Advantage of a Void Period

A Void Period Doesn’t Have to Be Doom and Gloom A void period – when your buy-to-let property sits empty – is costly. There is no rent coming in. Meanwhile, you still have the mortgage interest to pay as well as other expenses. The longer the void period, the more expensive it becomes. In our [...]

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